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End of the world dream mean?!?

I had a dream where me and my friend (were 13 lol) had gone to a small island far away from my home in england
But the water temperatures started to rise, there were earthquakes, volcanos ect
Animals that lived on nearby islands where volcanoes were swam to our island
There were dinosaurs as well. But many died swimming in the high temperatures
Then it goes a but blurry
The next bit I remember is stealing Someones gun to I could kill myself if it got any worse, and getting my GCSE results (which I haven't even done yet) and everyone swimming away from the island
I dropped mine and had to look for it but I found it
Then it goes blurry
I next remember being at the ruin of my school back in England. Everyone wassat there and we were warned something bigger and more powerful was coming
I went home to our collapsed house with my family and waiting
Then I remember a huge explosion and screams
Then I woke up

I can't quite remeber a few details

What does this mean!?

The world will never end.In dream there are two types of world-the external world(real world) and the personal world containing your near and dear ones and surroundings.It is this personal world changes.According to your dream the present personal world is going to change.The present friend may change.After G C S E results you may go to a new school or university with totally new surroundings.Another possibility is that you may have to shift to a new place.

first of all you've have 13 including you, it speaks of immorality or sin, you are in the small island which represent as seperation into youre comfort zone, the water are desolated and many animals are dead, in the bible water is speaks of holy spirit but the spirit surrounds you are dead, you steal a gun and try to kill youre self, speaks that the things that you want to give up, you said that everyone is goes to swim, but you didn't say that you stay and another dream appear that you are in the school which is and then into youre house but it is now a ruin, overall youre dream speaks of sinner people that surrounds you and you are trying to give up to change youre status in your life, you are lookin for changes but it is too hard for you because there is no guidance, you have no comfort and you are trying to find it, my personal suggestion is you need to deal with youre problem, try to pray and peace will surely surrounds you

Dreams like that are usually frightening. There is however nothing to fear. They are transformation dreams. Your old world, the world of childhood is 'blown up'. It means you are growing up fast. All the things you knew are swept away and blown to smithereens. So don't be afraid, on the contrary. Look forward to a new stage in your life.

There is a strong possibility that the world might end in March 2012. Please google eBible Fellowship. Please check the eBible Fellowship website and please check willtheworldendinmarch2012.yolasite .

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