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Dreams in islam? What do they mean?

Hi:) I kept having this reoxxuring dream of me ring pregnant, however I an young and not married yet so not possible. I decided to look up the islamic dream meaning and to my delight it said a single virgin who dreams of this will get married someday:) now how reliable is this source, I know dreams are very important in Islam

In the light of quran and hadith dreams are of three categories :
1- It is from allah meaning it will have some meaning to it.
2- It is from shaytan and this normally takes the form of nightmares.
3- its just thoughts and its dreams have no meaning.

Now whenever someone sees a dream and then checks it in a book its not necessary that the interpretation is the same for you. Because a dream can have more than one meaning. Its interpretation can depend on a few things as in what kind of person saw it when they saw the dream.

The book you most probably picked was interpretations of dreams by allamah ibn sireen. He was a great scholar but the interpretations that he gave were only regarding those people. Its not for everybody. I am an imam in high wycombe uk. Thats why I know this and what I say is from the quran and hadith.

Yes some dreams have meanings and a message hidden for the viewer.
But not all dreams are meaningful. All of us see dreams which is a system
to keep the mind busy and let you sleep peacefully, as the brain does not
sleep with the body. So you see dreams and you forget all of them. So
dreams are seen. I think your dreams are of this category.

Muhmmad Javed Iqbal

Here is a tip

Never believe in anything which is said without proof.

There is a reason even yahoo answer has a "What's your source" box down there.

Just believe those things which have Legitimate proves dear.

Am sure what you read was unauthentic. Its not true

just don't depend your life in dreams. Good dreams are from Allah, Bad from Satan and some are just from your own mind

There is no special meaning of dreams in Islam - Islam is just a belief system and a pretty pathetic one.

Dreams themselves can have meaning. Your own mind is probably just preoccupied with the future and what will happen to you - and your subconscious will have features of the things that are on your mind.

There is no special relevance to Islam.

are you in love with some one else?

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