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2 dreams I had- What do they mean? One I was in a concentration camp..?

So in my first dream, I was riding the bus home from school, with some of my friends. The bus driver was crazy and kept driving half of the bus off cliffs and the edge of big, deep waters so I started screaming saying he was crazy trying to kill us and had everyone go on one side of the bus so the bus wouldn't fall off the cliff. Then once our bus got to my house, my friend was the last one who would get dropped off so I told her I would let her come to my house. Then EVERYONE on the bus decided to get off at my house and stay in my driveway, which turned out to be way more ppl than there was on the bus. They never went inside my house, which turned into a mansion. Soon after, I found out the bus driver was my father O__o Although he looked nothing like my dad.

In my 2nd dream, our school had a procedure with all the students, in like a factory, air-port.. and some Nazi's would expect you and I kept trying to stay close with my friends but they left me. We didn't know we'd be sent to a concentration camp, but my old guidance counsler was there, looking all sad and gave me a word of advice, to be nice to the people expecting me. I was chosen to be in the concentration camp, and once I arrived there, I decided to escape and I did and kept running. I ran back to the school, and asked this boy that likes me in real life if I could stay in his house and I'd explain everything that happened at his. Then I found my siblings and told them I'd be at my friend's house. We started to hide when the principal came saying one of the students had escaped the camp. THENNN as I was waiting for him to return, my other friend came and started laughing and (play) punching me. Then I woke up

what do these dreams mean?! I had the concentration camp one before, where I ran away, but it was way more fantasy like.. and I was someone else.

Both of these dreams concern the same issue: control.

You already know that dreams use symbols to represent other things. Your dreams are not about a real bus or a real driver or real Nazis or real camps. Each of these elements represents something else.

The bus represents your school or your situation. Like school, the bus isn't an end in itself, it's just something that gets you where you want to go. The driver is the authority: parents, teachers, etc. Maybe adults in general. You do not trust this driver/authority, and from "where you sit" (your viewpoint) the bus is practically out of control. That represents your feeling that your life is out of control and whoever is supposed to be in control is doing a bad job.

In this dream you find some way of taking some control into your own hands: you tell the others to move, then you not only get off the bus but you tell your friend to come with you. Then THAT gets out of control, so that everyone decides to stay and you are overwhelmed.

So that is the message of this first dreams: you do not trust the authority in charge of your life, but your dream demonstrates that you are not really ready/able to effectively take control yourself.

The second dream is similar, beginning with your situation in school and authorities (Nazis) you do not trust. Again, a representative of teachers/parents who should protect you instead tells you to just be nice and go along. This sums up all your frustration with those who have authority over you. You do not trust any of them whether they are hostile or friendly..

You reclaim your own control by escaping the camp. As in the first dream, your choice then impacts others. In the end, you are not taken seriously. That is, in effect, your dream telling you, "Just kidding!"

Your own mind seems to be play-punching you through this dream, to let you know that being in control right now might not be such a good idea as you expect.

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