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Dreaming with black sailboats, what does this means?

This is an unusual dream and I will like to know what does this means.

First I am a 38 yr old married mexican father of two. We are having some troubles with the marriage.

Now this dream was very unusual and let me very unrest. I dreamed that I was over some kind of cliff near a bay at some kind of party, soft relaxing party, sophisticated. Well i was about to look a gorgeous woman when something brought my attention to three boats, sailboats very elegant, luxury yacht with some chrome rails and ornaments but everything in the boat was black even the sails. The three boats navigated from left to right in the smooth bay.

The vision was short, because I see the boats through the hole between the armand the body of the woman, that's because she was standing with a hand in her waist, in her hip so it was a limited space to look the bay.
When I wanted to lookfurtherr to the bay, the woman seem to move so I can't see more. The woman was dressed ina black and white striped dress. Thigh. So I try to look then it fades and it seems that I'm on a gray cloud and the woman is getting away far and far

I never looked the woman really, i tried to recognize her but I couldn't and asked her to identify, but she only answered "You know who I am"

I'm open to scientific or metaphysic answers, please help me

I'm very disturbed about this.

Thank you in advance.

The sailboats could be exotic dreams you have but cannot obtain. the woman could be that which prevents you from getting these dreams

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