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Dreaming fireflies. What is this mean?

I dreamt firefiles few days ago . AFAIK, I had never dreamt firefiles unitl that night. Here what I can recall:
It was a night scene, I saw glowing fireflies in somekind of small wood. By that time It was a pleasant feeling on that dream. I was smiling and so on. The duration is also quite long I guess. I forgot some details.

Then...as absurd as a dream is, there is a supermarket across this wood separated by street.Suddenly I was in this bright supermarket looking at the wood across ,can't
sight any fireflies flying and then this janitor/cleaning boy of supermarket in front of me sweeping dead fireflies on the floor. I felt like ''aww poor fireflies...". WTF?!? By this time my good mood just gone.

What is this mean really? I'm so curious that I'm posting this to yahoo answers hoping some dream specialist could interpret it for me.. :))

I’m no dream specialist but I was told a long time ago that any flying insect is what ‘bugs’ you in life. Any little hassles that stress you.

However, since the fireflies are glowing and you aren’t bothered by them, and you are in a nice wood where you are smiling, maybe it means that when you are alone and relaxed your little ideas and concerns are something you enjoy to think about. The wood is also about ‘being natural’ so it seems to be about what is close to your heart.

A supermarket can mean different things depending on if you work in one, or if it was crowded or whatever. Supermarkets are also usually the centre of a city or town life where people buy sustenance. I always find them too bright and busy myself, but you might like them. What do you think of when you think of that supermarket?

It could also mean bringing things to 'market' or out in public.

When your fireflies (ideas or concerns) are brought into the light with other people to see them, these people ‘shoot them down’ and they die. The janitor is a ‘cleaner’ so he’s cleaning up the little ideas you have that are seen as worthless.

You don’t like it when people shoot down all your little swarming ideas. Maybe you should keep your plans to yourself and only bring them out when they are ‘bigger and better’ and only with people you trust so they aren't cut short by uncaring critics.

That’s my amateur take. Happy dreaming!

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