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Dream Symbolism? What does mine mean?

I recently had a dream that in the town I live in now, they constructed a big ship called "Titanic 2", which I remember that in my dream I questioned it as to knowing the first Titanic obviously didn't succeed. Anyways, for some reason I decided to board the ship which included many people from my school (I am in 9th grade) and that was the main majority of people on the ship. The route that the boat was taking was on a river, but it was an extremely wide river. In real life there is a main river in my town but not nearly as big. Then, when we set sail we stayed extremely close to shore and moved at a slow speed. The sun began to set and the ship began to sink, yet it was still near shore. I quickly jumped off side along with a few other people from school and made it safely to shore, but I was dumbfounded as to why other people didn't just jump off the ship too since we were sooo close to shore. Then it was night, and as the ship sank, fireworks seemed to be sprouting from the ship like in the movie titanic. Me and the other kids ( a group less than 10) were horrified by the scene. As we walked, and I don't remember how we exactly came to this conclusion, we realized some people in our group were actually dead but didn't know that they had drowned with the ship. Ya, some Sixth Sense **** right? As they realized it, they faded away. When we ended our journey of walking to the main part of town, we went to the docks and shore and saw dead bodies and crap. and that's it. I'm just confused as to what to make out of it. So, if you want to offer up any ideas I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Mine means an excavation in the earth from which ore or minerals can be extracted.

Otherwise dreams should not be relied hundred per cent as it does not stand before any scrutiny.

I am very very good at this: Interpretation of dreams. i do not know where it comes from. Many years of being on a couch, study (art history and symbolism, design) or in my family blood. My great - Uncle was a well -known Medium and even had to go to trial a few times. Let me digest your info and I can get back to you. My guts are telling me that it is not as spooky as you might want to make out of it. Dreams are usually a combination of what is going on in your life ( High School Graduation and moving on and beyond, going to college to a different area and leaving behind some people and friends that want to stay in the town and not move on. Sometimes news reports ( the earthquake & tsunami in Japan) being an unconscious stream of visual information with our own subconsciousness and anxieties help blend into dreams. If I can I will write again. In the mean time I will digest your info and try to get you a better understanding.
ps. I had many weird things that happen to me before 9/11 and just right before. I even had a weird experience before this earthquake / disaster in Japan. I think sometimes some people are a little more in-tuned or sensitive to their surroundings and the earth and pick up things. Who knows ? Probably harks back to Cave-man era? Hope this helps just a little.

That's pretty funny x]
Uh the only thing i can think of is for the first part. Where you said when you built it you were aware that the titanic didn't succeed at first. I think it might show that you are optimistic and somewhat self confident. I have no clue about dreams, sorry. :/
Check up on Sigmund Freud though, he know a lot about dreams!

Ya know how people are alive but don't really live... they just exist. My thoughts on your dream are that it is symbolic of how certain people are on the inside. The people that sunk with the ship are content with just existing and not really living life to the fullest (they are dead inside). You and some of your friends however, want to truly live so you got off the ship (while some of your friends are already dead inside and don't even know it). You are not dead inside and refuse to give up and sink with the rest of them. You are the type of person who will never be happy with just existing, you have to truly live.

To dream that you or something is sinking, suggests that you are feeling overwhelmed. Someone or something is pulling your down. You may be experiencing low self-esteem and confidence. Alternatively, the dream means that some important and significant stage in your life may be coming to an end. Consider what is sinking and its significance.

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