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Dream question: I got raped then PREGNANT in my dream! i need your input?

i woke up this morning kinda scared.ok heres the story:

in my dream, i was a dancer and a cheerleader(like in real life) then they called me and showed me a chart that i was really pregnant. i had to go do scans at the doctor, then i found out the father was a guy that i see in real life. in real life i found out he likes me alot secrectly but hes shy. to this day, hes still like that since 2 years and everyday he stares and glances at me.
in the dream, i found out when i was put to sleep with all these vaccinations, the guy came in and raped me cuz he couldn't stand my beauty.he still came with me to see the baby and he was shaking because he thought he was in trouble. the baby was a girl. idk why, but i asked the doctor if i could get an abortion to do cheerleading but he told me nicley i will regret it later and not to do it so i didn't. so the guy in real life likes me and i like him back and in this dream we were parents.

what do u think the dream means? i got scared so i have to let this out of me. is this like a sign or warning that i have to avoid in highschool or something?i was wearing the same clothes in the dream! HELP I AM SCARED TO DEATH!

Don't be scared. All this means is that you don't want to be forced into a situation that you can't handle.

If this guy is putting too much pressure on you, tell him you need space and time. If he's a good guy, he'll respect that. May be take a break from him. If he keeps pushing you, tell a responsible adult.

Go to the dream dictionary online. I think it is called AZdreamsdictionary not sure though.

i think it does'nt mean anything..it was just an imagination of the brain, and always remember that we are the directors of our dreams.

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