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Dream of galaxies over head?

that seemed to be colliding with each other, in plain view, they were bright purple and bright green and there were seven of them.

what would happen if they were to be joined as one?

i'm not sure if ours was taking part in this.

the last time i posted, it was removed?

so the QUESTION is

what would happen if they were to be joined as one?

Our own Milky Way galaxy is on a collision course with the Andromeda Galaxy. There are a number of simulations on what will happen in 3 billion years when the two finally collide. Note that life on earth is only 2 billion years old, so 3 billion years from now is a VERY long time and the Earth will already be uninhabitable due to the expanding sun (which will consume the Earth in 7.5 billion years, assuming the system survives the collision with Andromeda).

EDIT: A larger planet does not mean larger species can evolve. With a larger planet, you have more gravity, which makes it difficult to grow large because the larger you grow, the harder it is to support your own body weight. Think of it like this: Draw 2 squares, one twice as big as the other in all directions. The one that's twice as big actually has 4 small squares inside. As the dimensions grow, the volume grows with their square. Similarly, a larger animal is proportionally heavier and so if there is more gravity, the larger animal will have more difficulty supporting it's own weight than it will on a planet with lower gravity. That's why giant insects can't grow on Earth, their exoskeletons would collapse if they got too big.

The end result of merging galaxies is usually one larger, irregular galaxy. Some of the members (stars) from each galaxy get sent into intergalactic space due to gravitational interactions... stars without homes, I suppose you could call them.

There also tends to be great areas of star formation.

Galaxies are more than just the visible light we see. There is a lot of dust in each galaxy. As some of these "heavy" sections of dust collide and condense together, new stars are made.

But in the end, the laws of physics are completely preserved. Nothing is truly destroyed or created. It just looks different.

larger galaxy

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