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Dream of a whirlpool of golden light - but what does it mean?

Actually, it was more like a vision than a dream. I woke in bed to find the room bathed in golden light, from a whirlpool-like ring about three metres in diameter, that I was at the centre of. I got out of bed (actually, not just in the dream - as far as I can tell!), and it was still there.

To see a whirlpool in your dream signifies emotional turmoil. To see light in your dream represents illumination, clarity, guidance, plain understanding,and insight. Light is being shed on a once cloudy situation or problem. You have found the truth to a situation or an answer to a problem. Also consider the color of the light for additional significance. If the light is particularly bright, then it indicates that you need to move toward a higher level of awareness and feeling. Bright light dreams are sometimes common for those who are near death.

Things like these are cool to come in contact with! Do you have any deceased loved ones? If so than these often mean the are talking to you or they are angels. If not then... hmmmm

Perhaps your future is brightening up.Expect luck/money from will,legacy,lottery,gift ,prise etc.Your difficult days are over.Be happy.

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