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Dream meaning?

A guy I use to deal with and I were about to go in a very large swimming pool that belongs to an ex co worker of mine that no longer speaks to me. The pool was dirty with black stuff floating on top, i could not identify what it was. She was telling us not to go in the pool because it is dirty and at the same time she was saying this , she was filtering out the water with a hose or something like that. Maybe this dream has a meaning to it, maybe not. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

Maybe it's like in Macbeth where Lady Macbeth couldn't wash her sins away.
Maybe the black stuff in the pool signifies a mistake or decision you made. You want to make this go away, but you feel like there is not a way to fix the situation.

large swimming pool = social life

You may be feeling some rejection in your social life. Projecting your ex-coworker filtering out the water with a hose in the pool shows sign of disrespect you are getting in reality. You may be having some peer pressure as well. Examine your life, you may probably find out exactly what triggered this dream.

Beware of murky waters-- trouble may lie ahead. Be cautious and keep yourself protected.

Also, it'd prob'ly be a good idea to call your ex-co-worker/ex-acquaintance.

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