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Dream meaning?

ok, im about 200 pounds and in my dream i was about 110 and i was wearing a bikini top and i walked into a room and my best guy friend kept trying to take off my top and and i kept pulling away and then someone called me and then when i was walking out he said hurry up so we can start kissing and i wanted to kiss him and i was going to let him take my top off too. what does this mean? i wouldnt let him in real life.

It means that you are very self conscious about your body and that you think you can't get anyone because of your looks. Beauty comes from inside out don't let looks mess up your life, I know it is hard when we live in such as superficial world but learn to love yourself... You will get that good kiss you are dreaming about.

You are infatuaated with someone and you need loving.And you are conscious of your weight too and not feeling too good about yourself.there is love coming or i9n the air.You should date more and have confidence in yourself.

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