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DREam meaning?

last night i had the weardest dream, it was long. this is how it starts (i was in a cave like place my brother was trying to put a snake inside a bucket and close it but the snake kept getting out, i was scared to get near, than i went outside and rode the train, the sky was gray and my friend was sitting next to me. When i got out i went down a little hill cover by trees and saw this green lake. This woman in a wetsuit jumped in, but then came back, then two more people and when i looked where they were going i saw a snow covered mountain with people skiying. i put just my feet inside the water and it was cold, then i looked around and deent see my friend) is it just weard stuff or does this long dream have a meaning?

dreams either have a deeper meaning or it's triggered by certain things you think of before bed.. or memory triggers in your brain.. like the snake can be a problem with your brother .. the train can be a journey ahead that your needing to take .. sky may have been gray because you feel bored or dull.. you might have saw you friend or thought of them.. eh... stuff of that short..

Growing up in my house my mother always referred to her dreambook, believe it or not go to your public library and ask the clerk where to find "The Book of Dream Meanings" it has been around for many years, and updated every so often, its quite interesting really. Usually everyone dreams about instances they have come in contact with and the brain just all of a sudden puts everything together I guess, weird huh! When you start dreaming of things before they happen, then send me a email!

Seems to me you are not very happy in your family But you love your brother You have someone in your family who betrayed you You are trying to get away from them You feel alone in this ordeal You have tried many times to figure out a solution but you did not find any yet

some times dreams have more then one meaning or lesson. parts of it could be fears ,or problems in your life, or some times their just left over flashes of movies or pictures that made a mark in your subconscious.

you are planing a journey of freedom and adventure, but have reservations and self doubt. all of this is natural it is your sub-conscience sorting the details out. the journey though, may not be literal but a mental journey.

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