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Dream like concentration camp ww2?

Same dream every night for the past 5 nights, develops more each night. wake up sweating and with tears. :(?
for the past five nights I've been having the same dream, in the same location, in black and white each time, and every time my boyfriend was there. its starting to freak me out and i wake up with my heart racing, with mild sweat and tears welling at the corners of my eyes. this is the dream to its longest extend (so far!):

it begins in this room, in our society and current modern houses, in a plain house, an average sized room with 3 rows of "beds". i say this because they ar wooden planks made into cubes, with a shower curtain type thing as a door. there are a total of 6 "beds". (these are much like the beds they used in concentration camps in ww2, like at auschwitz). there is a big group of us standing in the middle of the room, and a man instructs us there has to be two people to a bed, so my boyfriend and i look for one. most are taken so we end up with the bottom left hand corner one. my boyfriend has his backpack full of clothes and such, and then i realise i have nothing. no bag, no phone, no clothes. i remember wondering what i shall do, as i am wearing shorts and will prob get cold.
next thing you know my boyfriend and i are in this room that looks like it is from the 1930's, all classic with the doona covers that hang over the side of the bed and have frills on them. im on the side of the bed closest to the door, and a little girl aged about 8 is in the bed, and she has rollers in her hair. the door is closed and we hear footsteps coming up the stairs so we look to hide and the little girl tells us to get under the bed. we try but the bed only has about a 5cm gap so we try to lay beside the bed and cover ourselves with the doona. my boyfriend must have pulled the doona over his side slightly so as to cover himself and i end up just laying as close to the bed as i can, and staying dead still. the door creaks when opened, and then were suddenly in the first room again. im laying in my bed alone, in the dark and crying because im alone. my boyfriend apparently had too long a shower and he got taken out of our bed and put into the one directly above me with another young female around my age. i remember thinging how stupid i was not to remember my ipod because all the other girls had theirs.

this is as far as weve gotten. it really quite scares me.
lately i've been readin ALOT of books about the concentration camps in ww2, the torturing, killing, gassing, you name it.
im seeing the link with the sleeping conditions and the controlling men that im very scared of, but i dont know why i would be having such a dream.
i haven't read one of these books for about a week now.

Having read what you wrote, it is a little hard to discern what it means because of two reasons. I would say it was a past life memory, but it has too many time schemes thrown in. The second is that I would say it may have been brought on by your reading and that is why the modern things are thrown in, but that could be wrong too. You think in a modern way, and do not understand what is going on in the dream. This could be guilt because now in this life you have things you never had then, or could be guilt because you feel bad for what hapened back then, or could just be because you are a person of the modern world and that is your logical way of thinking. Your thought process.

At first glance, I would say it was hard to pinpoint. But after having said that, it is very rare to have a dream in which you think as the person in the dream and as your own person. This is called Lucid Dreaming. Usually people that lucid dream have very powerful intuitions and precognition. So, this really could be a past life. Not only because you are succeptable to paranormal things such as this, but also because you can think as the person in the dream (your past you), yet you include your life now too. Your soul is imprinted with things from past lives just like it is imprinted with things from this life. So, in your dream these two lives seem to have meshed together and blended themselves into a dream. I had many like this and as soon as I wrote them down and told someone I never had them again. Though I had them since i was three until i was 15, they went away that same day. To me, it seems almost like post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD sufferers rarely talk about what brought it on, but they constantly suffer until it is resolved. It seems to me that you, just as I, have had bad experiences in past life that left deep emotional scars that stay with you into the next life too. You will only get over it and move on when you solve it. My email is askcharliefirst@yahoo and I have been through so many things that it hardly seems impossible for you to have something you could not talk to me about. I do a lot of research because of my personal experiences in such matters. I have been researching it for ten years, so anytime you need anything just email me and I will do my best to help. Good luck :) Peaceful dreams! -charlie

Could be a past life dream, and that has motivated you to read books about concentration camps, or it could be you have read too many books on the topic and have a worry about what human beings do to each other.

Is someone trying to control you? maybe your boyfriend?

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