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Dream interpretation meaning?

I dreamt of a very handsome man (with wide shoulders) who turned into a white, talking unicorn
that was talking to me. He followed me from my childhood home, to present home.

In reality, when I woke up one of my pets had passed away.

I do not get any impression that your dream, which is very beautiful, had anything to do with your pet's death. Rather, this is an extraordinarily lovely representation of the transition from childhood to young womanhood.

For many centuries in Western culture, the white unicorn has been associated with young womanhood and with virginity. The movie Labyrinth (1986) comes to mind, having a similar theme.

maybe your subconsious had a feeling something bad would happen, and was trying to give you a little happiness before the sadness. or it could just be a coincidence.

i like to think it means that your pet is still with you in spirit and will follow you and protecting you from evil spirits

One sentence, did a pet die when you were young?

a handsome talking unicorn thats a good one !

effects of meth or weed mami xD

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