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Dream interpretation, chased by a bull/cow? Constantly changing dreams?

So last night I dreamt of being chased, either by a bull, or a cow, but before I go into that, I want to explain my second question.
My dreams are CONSTANTLY changing in the middle of the dream. Things aren't what they appear to be. In the beginning of last nights dream, me and my mom were in a car, driving, passing a larger-than-normal 18 wheeler. It almost got us off the road. Next thing I know, we're walking down some grassy, dusty path. It's me, my mom, one of my sisters, and a friend of mine. We pass people. Farmers, mostly. One had a goat and my mom was freaked out by the thing.
Then next we walk into a baseball field, except now it's me, that friend of mine, and an acquaintance. We approach this silver slide, and on the other side of it is a cow and her calf. The acquaintance is afraid, so she walks through the baseball field. Me and my friend have been around cows before so we weren't scared. We start to walk around the slide and past the cow, and then she starts acting like she's going to charge us. Then she does and my friend tells me to square off with her and yell. So I do.
That doesn't seem to work to well, then she suddenly changed courses and was after my friend, running to the field. Next thing I know, the cow is a bull. The calf has disappeared. It's the same color as the cow and everything... But now it's a bull.
The bull runs into the baseball field, I don't know where my friend went, the acquaintance is running like hell. I ran to the bathroom because the bull was starting after me. Then all of a sudden, a different friend runs into the bathroom with me, and I act like she's been here all along.
An interesting thing is that during all of this, there are performers training in another nearby baseball field. Trainers with their horses. While hiding in the bathroom I watched them train, and then suddenly I was at a windowsill in an arena watching the show.

What does my dream mean, it's all so confusing and crazy and disorganized?(x

Was it a multiple dream? I think one path clearly runs across all the episodes, Firts you drive dangerously close to a trailer and get ejected on a countryside path, then you detest something on that road and get to the baseball field, there you get chased by a bull which you earlier thought was a cow or a calf.

So the chain of dreams reflects that you probably are in a situation wherein the firts step is that you sense danger, second stage is when someone close tells you that something is wrong, third stage suggests that if you under estimate or ignore it, then the problem would chase you.

You need better control over your professional/ personal life.

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