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Dream about alligator bite!?

So last night I had a short dream that I was swimming in a green lake with my dad and a few others, and I was aware there were alligators. I remember in the dream, thinking to my self "i'll probably get bit". Next thing you know, an alligator takes a small chunk off my calf, and I was not freaking out. I was just like whoa...I just got bit, what now? Then I remember being scared because I kept seeing the alligator in the water.

What does this mean?

A little background:

-i just got dumped last week, and I can't stop thinking about him ( I work with him every day) and he has a new girlfriend

-I work every day and I have no life

-I work with the guy who dumped me and have to see him everyday and act happy

-i am generally feeling anxious and depressed lately

Thanks every one :)

A dream is just a dream. Relax!

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