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Does This Dream Mean I Will Die?

I have this reoccurring dream where I am driving and it feels so good, but I feel a bit nervous like my driving could spin out of control any second. In my dream I always crash but I wake right up.

What could this mean? Do you think it could mean that I will die in a car accident (at my own hands?)

I have had my permit for several years; I do not have my license. I’ve had driving lessons and in each lesson I zone out and drift to the other lanes.

I just turned 23 and my mother wants me to drive, but I am hesitant because of what I have mentioned above.

What could this dream mean?

I remember Aaliyah the late singer had a reoccurring dream where she was up in the sky looking down at everyone she felt really good but kind of scared and what do you know, months later she dies in an airplane crash.

I tend to have those dreams when I feel that I, or my life, is out of control. Or, it could simply be a manifestation of what you fear will happen. You could die just as easily sitting on your *** from a blood clot formed in you un-used calves from typing this question. Get out and Drive! Just take you time and start slow and you will gain confidence and become comfortable behind the wheel. I think when you do, you will squash that dream! If you are still nervous, go driving with your Mom or a trusted friend and just pull over if you get a bit nervous and then resume!

The longer you wait, the harder it will become, so get out there and learn to drive now! Think about all the morons out on the road now, and realize that you are just as capable, likely more so! Don;t use this dream as an excuse, you can do it!

That is my opinion of course...

The reoccurring dream just means that you have unsettled thoughts on driving. That is understandable since you feel that you have failed. You have not failed you just have a little less confidence in your ability to control the car, than you need to pass the test and drive around other drivers. For some it takes a long time. Some people never get comfortable but they drive anyway, when necessary.

Just concentrate, pass the test, and practice until you get comfortable. Enjoy your dreams, both good and bad. They don't mean anything. They are just entertainment during the period your body needs to shut down.

Given that I could go a couple of different ways on this. I will go the more psychological route.
This dream seems to be nothing more than your brain's way of dealing with your fear of driving. Not all dreams are prophetic.
As far as your zoning out while driving, have you consulted a physician on this matter? The zoning could also be a way of trying to escape from the driving situation which you are obviously terrified of. Perhaps instead of a physician maybe a therapist would be better. Not being judgmental just offering suggestions.
Good luck

It means you are anxious. Although I can't tell you why (because I'd need a lot of information), the fact you aren't getting on normally (still not driving at age 23), means you are becoming phobic, and it sounds like a complex as opposed to a simple phobia. Your age is about right for that as well. Medication might help. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help more, maybe you should seek out a psychologist who can do that. Psychoanalysis and more advance stuff (the couch, talking for hours about your relationship with your mother) is for the birds in my book and just makes the doctor rich.

i am certainly NO expert but what it sounds like to me is you are nervous about driving. you having said with your driving lesson you often zone out and drift into other lanes. that plus the pressure your mother may be placing on you to get your license can be burdening you subconsciously. and if what people say about dreams being your thoughts is true than i guess your dream would be this hesitation that you experience about driving

honey no. if you think like that you will drive your self crazy.

driving dreams like the one that you described means that you want more responsibility to be the driver of your own life. the crashing part of the spinning out of control means that you are scared to take steps to be the leader of your own life.

you say that your mom wants you to learn to drive. so your dreams could be touching to concerns of yours. one learning to drive is a step of maturity that you are not sure you are ready to take. having to grow up is scary what if you fail? the other meaning is you are scared to literally learn to drive or just nervous about it.

hope this was helpful

Put aside your unbelief and Say this prayer so God can come into your life, He is right there waiting, hoping You will make this choice & say it.
He has a plan for your life He can and will help you with everything. He wants you to be the best you can be. He loves you and gave You free will to choose having His unfailing love in your life or not He loved you first and left the door open for you. Its up to you to walk through into His loving arms.
God can help you, If only you ask Him.
If you want to accept Christ as Savior and turn from your sins, you can ask Him to be your Savior and Lord by praying a prayer like this:
"Lord Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. Please forgive my sins and give me the gift of eternal life. I ask You in to my life and heart to be my Lord and Savior. I want to serve You always." Amen
He helped me and I want you to feel his Love too.
Then pass on this prayer to others so they can get to know Gods unfailing love too!

Nope, to dream about death means life. If you had a dream about life then that would surely mean someone will die.

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