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Does this dream mean anything?

Me and this guy might be getting together, and he was in my dream... My dream was- "he was round my house we started talking and he asked me out" - forgoten most of the dream though... does this dream mean anything? :/

It might not mean anything at all. Sometime I have very realistic dreams, sometimes I am running around in a completely unrealistic disjointed setting, with events that would 100% never happen in real life. A dream could be about a literal worry or just something that relates to a emotion we felt during the day e.g. if you felt worried you might have a dream about something that worries you, even if that is not why you were worried during the day. The brain can also just pick up aspects of old memories, things you have seen before and mix them together with imagined situations. It may mean you are fond of him, it may mean you saw him that day or a few days ago, it could mean that you were feeling lonely or in a romantic mood, it could just be hormones!

It means that you think about him a lot.

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