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Does having a dream in another language mean anything?

it was in spanish which im pretty good at, and my dad and i were sitting at a spanish bar when my dad said "you order son, your the intelligent one" and then i said to the barmaid in spanish "he can't speak spanish, he can hardly speak english" in a joking way. Any thoughts?

The reason why you might be having this dream is because you are proud of knowing Spanish well. I think you see your knowledge of Spanish as being in relation to your intelligence. (The more Spanish you know the more intelligent you feel you are). Not only that but in reality you like or would like your dad or family to give much greater recognition to your knowledge of Spanish. (you want them to be proud of you and you want them to recognize your intelligence)

If you know other language or in the middle of learning language. Sometimes, the language dream will lurk into your subconscious mind to manifest your daily experience with other language.

In your case, Spanish may lurk into your subconscious mind because you know the language.

I think you have so much of the spanish language in your brain, you happend to stumble across it while remmbering things to dream about.

All dreams, although they seem new, are based on memories.

It means you are becoming fluent in the language. This is a very common occurance.

Mine were in German.

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