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Do you think dreams really mean something?

My boyfriend thinks that dreams happen because it's waht you really want and I don't think so, I think that they just happen for no good reason. So do you think that what happens in your dreams i.e. you kissing some other person than your b.f. or g.f. or anything else mean you really want that? Or are your dreams just there and you have no intimate connection with them?

No, dreams don't mean anything, they are just pictures that you see in your head. Sometimes if you think of a guy or something you might dream of him, but it doesn't really mean anything. Some dreams are really cool, like getting a ipod touch or something but you never get it, right? Sometimes its scary but its not real, and it will never happen. And when your kissing someone, well, doesn't usually happen. But Remember, Everyone is different, so I'm only speaking for some, others dreams are different and do happen, like mine. Sometimes I dream of going to school, and yeah they come true. I hope this helped, Good luck with yo discovery :D

It depends upon the value and focus one places on them.
An average person that does not think of them one way or the other will generally have review dreams in which they go over their day or possibly have wish fulfillment scenarios acted out while they sleep.
People that study their dreams or give them more credence and importance will have dreams that are geared to answering questions, reviewing their decisions or possibly understanding solutions to sticky situations. Just as with anything else, the more one uses them and studies them, the more valuable they become, providing insight and illumination when and where it is needed.

well i don't know, because once i had a dream that i dropped my mobile in the water and then after a few weeks had passed i dropped my dads mobile in the mop bucket (we had the same mobiles, he had silver and i had pink).

dreams definitely mean things sometimes.

if you want them to
otherwise, no

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