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Do you believe in DREAMS have meaning?

well my father translates dreams..and that gift has passed on to me..
I know it might sound crazy this is not some witch VOODOO..lol
and Ive been translating 2 my friends lately..
but there were times I got into some trouble about it..
so I stoped translating for them.
Today my friend was telling me her dream..and she knows that I wont translate anymore..coze Ive stoped that long time ago.
but I knew absolutely exactly what her dream meant..
and I wanted 2 tell her something (a warning)
I do and I dont..how should I let her know with out me telling her?..

you are blessed! you must use ur gift for the benefit of mankind. bt if u dnt feel comfy in doing so, plz do let her knw in a roundabout way. say you had a dream n wish to warn her coz of wat u saw in ur dream.
i do believe dreams hav meaning. when i lost my dad, i was angry with god for taking him away. i wouldnt go to the temple, wudnt pray. then i started having dreams of gurudwaras(sikh temples). i still thought it was my repressed feeling of religeon. uncannily, i started getting dreams of goddesses and i actually saw a couple of temples from the hindu religion , which i knew nothing about.
for all my frends who have read this, GOD EXISTS...nad CARES whether we love Him or not.

It's not crazy. I have a couple of friends that have the gift of foresight, a cousin that is a healer, and a grandmother that has the power of prayer. So I totally understand where you are coming from. It's hard to decided whether or not you wish to use your gift. One of those damned if you do, damned if you don't issues. Best I can say is that your friends know you're not a 100% accurate teller of the future. You can either lightly drop hints or just tell them upfront. Seems like you had a bad experience with this and it's totally understandable. Ask yourself if it's a part of you that you want to keep and if so, do it wholeheartedly!

Dreams do have meaning and can be interpreted, either symbolically/literally. If you have a gift of dream interpretation, you should use it to help others make sense of their lives. If anyone has a vision and it's a potential warning, you should advise that person, directly/indirectly its meaning with tact.
You have an unique talent-don't be afraid to develop it further and utilize it for the benefit of people.

that does not sound crazy i see things in my dreams about people to but i cant translate all of them some are very clear
to me and other i just cant understand at times i think that its
cool that you can do that and you can help others. last year for two months straight i dreamed about babies and still i cant understand why i kept dreaming about babies the dreams stopped up until last week now for the last week iam dreaming
about babies again can you tell me why? can you email me?

no way it is just the hidden and opened thinking of the individual
naturally the personality intellect education mental capability natural interests all account for a opinion which ones mind would form so some one calculation(dreams) would be more likely to be true than others
one can translate one dream only to extent of analysing ones properties /capabilities

she came to you for help she trusts you.you should tell her how you feel about her dream.I really don;t feel that there would be a problem telling her .you may save her life or someone she cares about.as far as you translating dreams to other people be sure they can handle the Truth first.you have a gift use it.don;t be afraid to use it.trust in those who come to you for comfort and or help to put their minds at ease. may god give you a special blessing...god bless you.

if its going to save ur friend from some trouble, please tell her indirectly... eg, if its about a guy... then just casually mention to her what u think... dun tell her that this is a warning from the dream...

try to tell her without letting her know its something from the dream.

its a special gift and i believe u have this cos some reasons. u will know soon. ;)

dreams are the subconscious communicating to the conscious mind and the mind has many powers. if you feel she is in danger then you must tell her. if you dont and some thing happened to her can you live with yourself? it can be a tough line to walk, believe me, but the trick is telling enough to keep the person safe but not enough to let them think your helping.

Just sit her down and talk to her like a friend giving advise. Don't make it seem as if your translating just sit down and have a heart to heart talk .That's a cool gift!

send her to me. I have the gift of getting people out of a bad future.

actually nevermind.. i can do this right now. just need to concentrate more.

ok there ive concentrated on your friend and everything is ok now.

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