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Do my cheating dreams really mean something?

The other night i had a dream that i gave my ex-bf h**d. Me and my current g/f (i'm a girl) tell each other everything so i told her about my dream and she FREAKED and is convinced im not over my ex, i say its not big deal. could she be right?

You can't control your dreams, otherwise we would not have nightmares. He was your boyfriend, if you did that with him it is in your memory. It doesn't mean any more than if I were to have a straight dream (talk about nightmares!).

Tell your partner not to freak: this is very, VERY common.

My ex died 20 years ago, and I still occasionally have dreams about him.

A dream is a dream: it's just the subconscious' way of processing stuff, nothing more.

Well it may mean nothing at all, or it may mean something totally related to your ex or your g/f. Dreams don't always have a conscious meaning to us...but there may be something that is bothering you in your life, if so then that is probably what it is about.

you are not over your ex,none of us are for our first love is allways the greatest,for it is the one that stick with us,I fell in love many many times in my life and I do dream of all the loves I wanted to have;they will forever be with me.tell your mate that this is in the past now,but they forever be in your soul,and not to get jeolous for I am here now, there is nothing wrong with revisiting the past for they were the best of times,but you are here now to make more memories and learn from them,perhaps you and your mate should go bi-sexual for it feels to me like you want both,it doesnt hurt to suggest unless your mate cannot put theirself in your shoes...

of course she COULD be right - - but what does that matter. The only thing that matters is what you DO - not what you think or dream of...

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