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Do dreams mean anything?

Are dreams a sign for anything, or are they just a collection of things you may have seen or experienced recently?
This whole week i've been having pregnancy dreams what does this mean? I heard once that if you have a dream that something happens to you its actually happening to someone else, not sure if I believe this, but what do you think, does a pregnancy dream mean anything specific?

seriously jotra i hate your immature answers about dreams yes we are not cavemen, are you talking from your own personal experience?
anyway im here to help you.
dreams DO mean something usually it is your subconscious mind trying to tell you something in your waking hours and sometimes they just happen it doesnt necsasarily (sorry for spelling) always mean something all the time but try to take notice if it is trying to tell you something.
good luck with that.

No, dreams do not mean anything... We are not cavemen anymore, there isno reason to search for spirituality in dreams.

Dreeams are just your brain recollecting and sorting information from the previous days...

It's how it works...

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