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Do dreams mean anything?

I had a dream about my dad dying and in my dream I kept crying and screaming and when I woke up I was all upset and out of breath. My dad is alive though but it was a bad dream.

According to Domhoff: "Dreams do have meaning. They are very revealing of what is on our minds. We have shown that 75 to 100 dreams from a person give us a very good psychological portrait of that individual. Give us 1000 dreams over a couple of decades and we can give you a profile of the person's mind that is almost as individualized and accurate as her or his fingerprints."

According to your previous answerers, and the bible, dreams do have meanings. And they are only sometimes due to your mind working out something or replaying something that you were thinking about. In your case though, it has nothing to do with your dad. Someone is pregnant. You will not be happy about it.

Dreams mean things, normally when you dream something it means that it is on your conscience or it is something you were worrying about or what you fear Dreams can also be glipses of your fututre depending on if your a meduim or not.

you been thinking of your dad and worry about him or worry about if he gets ill and will no longer be there it is just your fear you fear it so you dreamt it nothing to worry about though

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