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Do dreams mean anything?

What does it mean when you are having dreams, different ones but the same person appears in them all the time. This person was extremely kind to me and they are gorgeous as well?

Imagine that you worked in a busy post office sorting office during the Christmas period. You will have to sort through thousands of letters, parcels and postcards that need to be delivered all over the world and all with different services from 2nd class post to next day delivery to ensure that they are delivered to the correct address at the correct time.

The human mind is very much a very large sorting office as throughout the day you gather so much information about the outside world which your brain needs to process. Dreaming is the process whereby how brains sorts and files all this information and in the process it does get a bit mixed up which is why your dreams never really makes any sense, a bit like seeing the cake mixture before the cake is cooked.

Now if this person keeps appearing in your dreams then it's the brains way of telling you that you have some unfinished business with this person. It could be as simple as you haven't thanked this person for something or you may have feeling for this person and haven't as yet asked them out.

A person's mind spends every waking hour organizing and trying to understand thoughts and sensory input. During sleep, it tries to do the same thing with random and jumbled thoughts. The result is a dream.

The random, jumbled thoughts come from YOUR mind so they will be formed from YOUR experiences, concerns and imagination.
► Your dreams may indicate what concerns you have but they are not magical. Magic does not exist.
Any predictions arrived at during a dream are no better than any you could make while awake. Like any conscious prediction, it may or may not come true.

They are not fully understood, but the current best guess is they are what you remember of your brain's filing system. Dreams that mix recent events with events from longer ago, are simply an attempt to resolve new experiences by comparing them to what happened previously. More narrative dreams are rehearsing possible outcomes to a recent event using ideas from the past. How I got Cheryl Cole and an aerosol of whipped cream into the back of a 1962 Ford Anglia is my business.

It means that you think a lot about this person or that you have a strong memory about him because of something which happened. We normally keep in our minds the memories related to strong feeling and emotions, so maybe you had a strong feeling at some point with this person and now you think about him even when you are sleeping...

You are attracted to this person and she or he is on your mind..and you wish for it to come true.
a compilation of imagination, feelings and thoughts. However, I have had premonitions in my dreams...so it's hard to say what will evolve from it..it could be a premonition of some sort...

Maby you like that person and cant stop thinking about that person happens to me all the time

It means your brain is healthily sorting out all the rubbish in there and absolutely nothing else whatsoever

its means you were thinking about this person right before you fell asleep

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