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Ive lately been having dreams of my ex (first love) and dead dragonflies.
This one in particular, he, I and my little bros were in a presentation at some school with a guy who was teaching everyone something with dragonflies. Me and my ex were so happy we got back together that we forgot about my bros. We were going up the stairs when he realized my bros were missing. While We were waiting for them, we realized that all the dragonflies had died and were all over the stairs and floor. My bros finally caught up to us and we preceded on going upstairs.

Ive had 4 other dreams with dead dragonflies and my ex bf in it...Can anyone help me with this?

stop smoking pot?

Maybe it's just something to do with inside your conscious. Maybe you still have feelings for your ex. But I'm not sure what the dragonflies mean. It's probably nothing. Just a dream.
If you want to know then go to google and type in dream explainer or something related to that.

The presentation represents the bad news that you and your boyfriend have broken up (like a death), it felt just as bad as it would feel if your little brothers were missing, but in the dream you found everyone and you all moved on and are fine. You and your ex are moving on.

This is just your subconscience's way of accepting the loss of your ex- tho he is not dead-he is no longer with you.

it means you are a chick with stupid dreams who still yearns for a guy who probably never loved you and has most likely forgotten you exist.

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