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Could you tell me what my dream meant?

I was with this certain family (not mine never seen them before) in my dream in my church (but it was their house there was a bed and stuff but I knew it was my church). The father had gone crazy and was trying to kill his family including me (I just had this knowledge) so I was running down a huge flight of gray stairs, trying to help the mother get all her little boys out before he caught up with us. I finally got them out and I called 911 on my cell and some lady was like here, I'll send the camera crew. And told her we got out and she sounded disappointed but said maybe we could interview the father. and The camera crew was there then I woke up.

The thing is I felt the danger but I saw the father and he looked so broken, hurt and tired but I still tried to get his family out of the house away from him. One of the little boys were taking too long and I had to push him out the door.

The dream was so strange, what could it mean?

I have an idea what this dream means.

You feel threatened at a subconscious level by the idea of strangers getting involved in the most private and intimate part of your life. The descent down the gray stairs represents your sense that escape is probably pointless; it is the gray of despair. The little boy who doesn't move fast enough is symbolic of the threat of impending lost innocence. You call an authority figure for help but you feel that the help you get is misguided and useless. Ultimately, everyone in the dream is you in a different form, even the homicidal father. He's the inner caveman, the inner savage, that each civilized person keeps buried as deeply as possible out of the light, but he is still very potent and full of primal power, hence his fury. He's the inner Mr. Hyde that Dr. Jaekel works so hard to master.

Finally, I think the dream is telling you you are feeling very conflicted about something. Your conscience is telling you one thing, but your inner caveman something else entirely. You feel you need advice to solve some problem you just aren't up to, but are afraid nobody is smart enough to give advice that would make any difference.

Basically, it was just a dream. It could be born of your own insecurities, but even in danger you thought of others. That makes you a decent person. Is church something you fear, or is unfamiliar to you. Really, church should be a place of refuge, a nice place to be.

don't trust the psychoanalysis stuffs.

you have an active imagination.

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