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Could this mean anything? Dreams.?

I don't usually believe that dreams mean anything, but I've had a recurring thing in mine fore a while and was wondering if it could mean anything. Btw, I have writing difficulties (as in I'm not very good at explaining things very well), so hopefully this will make sense.

If there's a place in my dream e.g. college, I'll know that it's college but it will be different. It doesn't look the way it does in real life, but it is still the same place.
If there's a person, they seem to change. Like at the beginning there could be one person e.g my cousin, but by the end, they are someone else, e.g a friend, but they are still the same physical person and I don't realise that the person has changed until after I've woken up. - That probably makes no sense at all, but I don't know how else to explain it.
Also, the people in my dream usually aren't what they're like in real life and I feel like I'm not me in my dreams.

That happens a lot in my dreams. Could it mean anything? I hope it makes sense.

Thats actually pretty normal. the same thing happens to me. but the reason you think a person starts off as someone and ends up someone else is because usually by the time it is someone else. its a whole different dream. Dreams only last between 6 to 8 minutes, but when asleep they seem so much longer.
Places change a lot in my dreams as well. I dont think it means anything specifically other than youre a rapid thinker. When dreams have a specific meaning or require intrepertation, it's usually bc the subject of your dream. example- dreaming about fish .some ppl believe that is symbolic for being pregnant

it means you have a devil inside your body and its going to change everybody and make you kill them
No i'm kidding sorry if that scared you i was being sarcastic. okay bye what it seems it sounds like a nightmare like this is what your afraid of. Change. you don't want people to change or you could want people to change. this sounds like dream derangement. meaning your confusing yourself by your dreams. it all depends on you really email me if you decide this helps. @ twinkie1998_coconut@yahoo
good luck other wise :)

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