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Concentration camp type dream?

I had a crazy dream last night and can't find anything online to explain it. I had a dream that I was trapped in a type of concentration camp with lots of people and my family, but we were all separated. The leader was my dad's boss. In the end one of my friends got the army in to save us all. It was a very scary and disturbing dream. Any ideas of what it could mean?

^' very possible you still want to consult a psychic the dream could also possibly mean that someone is having an active role in controlling your life whether it be a material or a person I don't know or another likely possible explanation is that your family could be growing apart because you might be growing up or something has or will happen try having a day at a park or a picnic or something where your family spends a lot of time together.

- If this is helpful add additional details or choose best answer and tell me in te place where it asks why it was so great.

No freedom in house.Strict rules of parents you have to obey.Punishment even in small mistakes.
The situation can be in your school or work place.

Something evil is trying to engulf you and your family. please consult a psychic if you can.

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