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Compulsory military service?

Those who have served in the military may or may not agree, I believe that it should be compulsory for everybody to complete a minimum of 2 yrs service in the defence force. It teaches everyone what it is to be Australian. Mateship, trust, loyalty, honor and courage to name a few. This would solve the crisis the australian defence force is experiencing in having in low recruitment and allow everyone to try something they would never dream of. 2 yrs service, you dont like it then leave, you do like it then stay on and do a bit more. what do you think? and why?

This an idea I wish the US would re-introduce. When we did it you had a physical, of course, and if you had medical reasons why you could not function you were exempted, called 4-F. You also got a choice of getting called up or enlisting. When you enlisted you were allowed to test for various jobs in all the branches of military. Your choice! Obviously the military would not place a pediatric doctor in the artillery! But if you wanted to fly jets you had a very rigorous test just to get accepted into the flight training program. If you waited and got called up you took what they gave you. No choice, but a doc would still not end up cannon fodder! If you had skills or education in a specific field you got promoted before you even entered!

I know the German Army has what are called "Careerists" like in Tanks, Medical Corps, and Supply and these guys are very good at what they do!

There are those who just will not tolerate being told what to do by anyone and sometimes they "run away". When they're caught they get punished. Not severe, but in the case of running away it usually means prison of some kind. They are, however, in the minority.

Personally, I feel it gives every person experiences -as well as an appreciation for their homeland - they'll never find working at the local supermarket - good or bad! And in some instances a person could go their entire enlistment and never fire a shot in fear or anger. It is only 2 or 3 years.

But we just wouldn't want to offend anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable! It is, after all, 2 or 3 years!

I am not sure about compulsory military but I do feel that compulsory civic service, whether military or other service, should be set up. That which you learn in school, HS or University, is slightly or completely with out contact or context with the real world. Two years of civic service will teach the difference between running and standing line.I know a couple of profs who would learn a lot if they did two years service. I had the dubious honour of watching a team of scholars solve a problem in the sand box. Goddess help any who serve under them in real life. A twenty percent casualty rate is high, the point at which you regroup and consider your options.Hell you do that earlier, at 20% you go away, quietly. These eggheads did gain their objects, at a rates of 72% to 81%. Boy were they happy. Boy was I shocked. Not only had they killed a lot of men but that was the last objective they could have taken.

Its Murphy Law! One could ask why governments do not impose voting as a point of law i.e. all those eligible to vote, have to do so! Military service is another hard question? However, in the long term it would most certainly instill discipline, pride in ones self and achievment for the benifit and good of others and instill self motivation to get up and doit! The majority of young teenagers today totally lack even the basic elements of good manners and behaviour. By the same token however a lot of todays military establishment are archaic and dwell too much on the past. Added to that the diversity between offices and rankers (its never ending class distinction) is far too wide to lend itself to acceptance - by the young - is this ever changing world!

I actually disagree with you, I don't think it should be made compulsory, I mean I can understand drafting if there was a huge war going on but no it shouldn't be compulsory. I've been in the Australian army for 5yrs now as a medical officer/surgeon and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. Yeah it teachs you trust, loyalty, honor but you forgot to mention the mental scarring left by the destruction seen in the army. I was in Lebanon and Iraq and seriously, I was seeing 3 month old babies with gaping holes, being brought into a makeshift hospital that was almost collapsing. Now just imagine if everyone in Australia saw something like that, we'd be totally f**ked. If you had served in the military I don't think you'd even suggest that and besides there would have to be exceptions if it was made compulsory, think about the chronic asthmatics, the disabled, the sick, would be a little hard to force them to join the service they wouldn't even pass a BFA.

We don't have it in the States, and it works out well for us. In fact, it could be said that previous experiments in compulsory service (Vietnam) ended up disasterously.

An all-volunteer force is not only more professional, more capable, and more willing, it is also consonant with the principles of liberty which that force is established to protect. A compulsory military kinda defeats the purpose of liberty.

I have to say I agree with it.. yes not all ppl are cut out to be soldiers.. but they can do supply and maintiance jobs allowing other ppl to be freed up..

Even here in the US i would love to see it.. the military teaches responsibility, respect and of course discipline which so many of the youth lack anymore.. 2 years is fine in a service of each persons' choice, also with say 3 years enlistment give them GI bill too to help pay for college

No, if you force one to do something they do not wish to do will cause too many problems, a better thing to done is make it easy to join the military and do away with the high rules and dumb things that keep out good people who want to be in the military

Compulsory in my mind gets me to think of a country who continually needs the army to fight wars. For example, Israel. They have a compulsory army, they need it, and actually with them more and more people are willing to fight. I kind of agree to what you are saying though, if everyone does it for two years it serves as a equality thing. Its nice and novel concept, I'd like to see that, but then if your a person who doesn't really want to fight and is placed in a battlefield, you can be kill count number 100 for the enemy. There are many aspects, but i feel that if a country needs it like the way Israel is doing then it works great!

That's a great idea! "Join the army, see the world, meet interesting people. AND KILL THEM!"
Why would you want to give a gun to an idiot and train him how to use it. The military should be a volunteer force only. Also the people who volunteer should be carefully screened. Otherwise you get the idiots who like the saying I quoted above. Also by having a volunteer force, only people who want to serve are in. Therefore people who are willing to help.

I have a better idea.. How about compulsory ethical decision making for political and military leaders?

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