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Can someone tell me what my dream means?

its really confusing k here it goes

i was walking out of the gate of my school when i hear my friend (noe) running up to me that he wanted to tell me sumthing
i was kinda shocked since (in real life)at school we were friends then something happened and we didnt speak to eachother much anymore. and i missed him.
he was blushing and i was looking at him akwardly.
then he just bursts out saying he likes me alot and that if i wanted to get with him.
i was flushed and said id think about it.
well the next day i said yes and we were together
i felt so happy.
but what im confused about is that in real lfe we barely talk to eachother.
alot of people, teasing, says he likes me and stuff and they also say i like him i deny it
but in my dream i was happy we were together
what does it mean?

No one can tell you what you dreams really mean, they are your personal myth; symbols that reference 1st person truths in your life. They are born of your unique experiences and brain states, and thus you and you alone will understand the symbolism of their meaning, like a shared inner joke between friends, or a mnemonic device used to remember your PIN number.

Sure others may have some ideas about whats up, but they are only referencing their ideas about our shared sense of identity without our culture.

Read up on Joseph Campbell, specifically his amazing book "The Hero of 1000 Faces". With the will to be compassionate and truthful in your heart, as the basis for your intent, reflect on your dream and trust your instinct on its meaning.

It sounds like you miss his friendship , i also think that in your mind you think the teasing would stop if you were friends again. It doest mean you have feelings for him so dont panic.
You should try talking to someone you trust about everything thats going on, maybe they can help you deal with all the stuff your going through.

Dreams don't mean anything. Freud is an imbecile. They are just a result of the random firing of chemicals in our brain.

is like a wish. you want to be with him but in real life is another story. To answer your question. When you wake up, go to him
and tell him that you want to be friends. that is it.

That your subconscience is trying to talk you into him being a better friend than he really is...don't listen to it.

u really like him and u want to get together

it probably means that you really like him and you may have some connection with him.

you obviously like the cat

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