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Can someone interpret this dream?

I had a dream my g/f committed suicide what does this mean?

Is she exhibiting behavior that is sabotaging your relationship and you are ignoring it?


Is she exhibiting self destructive behaviors and because you care deeply for her you are disregarding the signs?

It may mean you need to intervene on her behalf or your own.

It means deep inside her, this girl has a serious problem. She may be concealing it most of the time, but you have probably picked up on subtle hints which she has sent to you.
Have a serious talk with her; do not mention your dream, but relate to her that you will always be there for her, and ask if there is any way you can make her life better at the present time.

Maybe there are traits that you see in your girlfriend that reflect traits which you have that you do not particularly like. Oftentimes a relationship can reveal things about yourself which you have a hard time coming to terms with, and your dream may have been a metaphorical representation of you ending the those traits which you do not like about yourself, that have been revealed by the extensive comparisons which occur in romantic relationships.

I am not certain, but is there any reason in real life that she indicated that she's not into the relationship anymore or wanting to breakup?
Or is she having some serious problems that you happen to be worried about?
Have a talk w/her ~an overall heart2heart soulful talk about a lot of things going on w/her ect.

It means that your girlfriend is going to commit suicide soon.

It could mean anything but I would like keep an eye on her in case your brain is indirectly trying to tell you something.

It means that you worry that you're not paying enough attention to her. Are you?

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