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Can someone interpret my dream about fish?

Last night I dreamed that I was going to swim in a body of water (not sure if it was a lake or what) but there were so many fish in there (big black catfish) that I had to sit on a cooler (blue w/white top) to keep them from biting me. I absentmindedly dropped my hand into the water and when I brought it back up, a small silver fish was sucking my middle finger and wouldnt let go. When I actually woke up, I could still feel where the fish was. Also at the begining of the dream, I remember a dog being there that was actually my neighbors dog (a brown english bulldog) but instead of him being brown in my dream he was white. He was in my kitchen and I shooed him outside with a flyswatter, lol.

Water is the symbol of emotions - black is the color of deceit and things hidden. Fish are often symbols of sustenance and abundance. However, Catfish are fish that will bite. Perhaps you have a lot of these types of competitive and mean-spirited people around you. The silver fish is a good symbol as silver is a precious metal. This indicates that even in dark times with people around you that you cannot trust, good fortune will still find its way to you.

Maybe the fish is trying to tell you that you give too many people the middle finger- literally and figuratively. The dog was just annoying to you but he was white because as we all know all dogs
are angels!

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