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Can anyone who knows anything about psychology interpret my fire dream?

Im a 21 year old kid from Wyoming but in this dream I was in Gallup, NM with my family, a place I visited once with my family when I was about 11 years old. In the dream we were at the house we formerly stayed in 2002. Outside I was with my girlfriend, our family friend (the man who owned the house) and his two daughters, suddenly out of the corner of my eye I saw a fire light up in the middle of the night in their garden, a small fire, but unprovoked with it being in the middle of the winter night, a very cool night at that. So me worried, I ran over with a handful of snow and threw it on the fire which seemed to work. Going back to talk to my girlfriend for a few minutes I see another fire at the other end of the yard catch up but right next to the BBQ which had a propane tank attached. Running over I repeated the sane process as before with the snow. This time the fire kept catching even with snow melting and the ground being wet. But as I looked to the other end of the yard in panic, I see the original fire has caught back up but is alot bigger this time. So I'm running back in forth (there is no hose) in a frenzy, I seem to not be doing any damage to the flames even tho I know I should have put it out by that time. No one helped me, the girls and the man were aware of the fire but were still casually talking and not helping in the slightest.
I'm aware this coulda been what I ate last night, but it was so vivid and odd, please help if you know anything. I looked on dream websites and none of them seem to address this particular type of dream.
Thanks :)

Though specific items in dreams are often supposed to have static, symbolic meaning, that's really not the case at all. Dreams are the brain/mind's 'meditative' avenue to work out issues going on in your life. Often they seem chaotic. They also seem to have much more drama in a dream than the actual awake issue(s) the mind is trying to untangle.

Without knowing the specifics of your life and issues you face daily and even recently, there is not a way to interpret with clarity. It does appear that there are at least several issues happening that you've been trying to tidy up, or correct. Some of them seem to be a bit like 'housework' because as soon as you put them away, the mess just keeps coming back. It also appears that others are not as aware of or even respectful or appreciative of your ongoing vigil or else they are simply not as concerned with what you perceive as continued misaligned, or ongoing 'messes'.

This may be as simple as understanding that there are things that bother you but don't seem to be a problem for others, and while you recognize this very simple situation and may even fluff it off, you are unconsciously irritated that you are the only one who views it as a problem at all.

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