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Can anyone tell me what this dream means?

I'm around four or five in my dream and a teenager i don't know grabs my hand and tells me my mom wanted him to take me home. While walking around we come across a fork in the road the one in the left contains the woods and its so dark you wouldn't be able to see a thing and on my right( in which the teen tugs me towards ) it is clear. I want to go to my left but he says its dangerous but i still want to go, looking at its outline often as glimpses of me in there play or surronded by creatures that resemble monkeys flash through my head. I walk forward with him and arrive to this house but in front of it is a puddle stepping stones in it. I careful walk on them and istead of walking to the house he turns its corner. Now the wods are more visible to me as I follow him. But after i turn the corner I see a burgandy colored car full of teenagers waving, and cheering towards us. Some where in between i have gained an age or two. I walk towards the car with the teen ahead of me.

Let me analyze this dream

around 4 or 5 = childhood
tagged along with a teenager = support
Puddle stepping stones, monkeys flash = obstacles in life
wood = purpose, goal in life
Teenagers waving = calling to accomplish

If you dream, you projected yourself as childhood because there is something missing in your life. Subconsciously you thought starting back as a child will give you a life a re-start. Your life may be full of obstacle, and you are looking for a support or person you want to trust (teenager). In reality, you may have someone you already like to trust. You need this person to help you overcome obstacles and accomplish task. (go into woods) You have high hope in your dream. That may as well reflect the same thing as real life. You are not the person who gives up so easy.

In conclusion, this dream is revealing what you have been hoping for (support from people) in real life. Somehow, you have to tell yourself subconsciously that you need help to accomplish tasks in life.

I could be wrong, but that is how I see from your dream

You are obviously being influenced by a certain person but you want to follow the crowd. The stones lead to your house and the safety of your family but you are being influenced to go with the crowd. Turn your attention toward the house and keep safe. Do not go into uncharted waters (woods). Go to the safety of your family who will have your best interests in mind. You aged a year or two because this is coming at you in the near future. Avoid following your peers and reach for your house. Thank you for your question.

I can honestly say that if you pick out everyone in your dreams, they are representations of you. You say you were 4 or 5, but you were also the teenager. you were also the teens in the car. Kids tend to be fearless and that could be why you wanted to explore the dark woods which might represent your subconscious. Your subconscious might have something that you are needing to explore and this is a safe way to explore it. We tend to become more fearful the older we get. We don't like to take deep looks at ourselves as adults. This is the best way to figure out who you are and what you think. If you can figure out what each person in your dream represents to you, then you will probaby have a clue what it's about.

Is/was your mom afraid of you growing up? Maybe you are/were afraid of being a grown-up without you parents there to help with things (which is normal)? Or maybe it symbolizes a change or opportunity that you are excited about but fearful of at the same time, like a new job or moving to a new city?

dreams are personal to the dreamer...no matter what a psychologist tells you

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