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Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

I had a dream that I was at a psychic show and at the end I was approached by the psychic's assistant who told me that it was urgent that I meet with the psychic after the show he said that she felt compelled to meet with me. I waited untill the audience left and the woman and her male companion came out of a lift she had the most amazing huge pale blue eyes, her hair was silver. I felt afraid that she was going to tell me something bad. I asked her if she was but she smiled and shook her head to say no she never spoke a word to me,she directed me to stand in the middle of the floor, where we both stood about two foot apart facing each other I felt as iat this point as if we were in some kind of church or ancient auditorium. She stood in front of me and stared at me, I felt a vibrating sensation begin in my feet and this sensation moved up my legs it was totally overwhelming. I felt as if there was pure love and energey coming from this woman allthough I couldnt see light I felt as if there was light coming from her eyes it was such a strange feeling. As the vibrating sensation moved upwards to my body I felt my arms lift from my side and raise upwards i had no control over myself. I felt this immense feeling of pure energy around ust he vibrations became stronger and was nearly too much for me to bear as it moved up my body. I woke up just at the point where I felt I could take no more. I did not feel as if I was under threat I felt that whatever was happening was good. Im not sure what this meant. Can anyone help me with the meaning of this very strange dream.

Good morning, Heather.
Wow, that was an interesting experience. I envy you.
I can't break it appart for you in Freudian terms, but I have some ideas for you to think on.
As you expressed no hesitance or revulsion at the thought of a Psychic wanting to interact with you, I take it that you have no severe distrust for the meta-physical, which puts you and I one step closer to like-thinking.
The show itself could be meant as being singled out from among your community or piers. Then again, it could just be the appropriate setting where you would expect to meet this psychic. You could have just as easily been walking past her little store on 5th avenue, but that wouldn't have compelled you to meet her.
The lift. Simple explanation - dramatic entrance. Meaningful one - elevation of consciousness.
Not speaking. This is evidence of her being at a higher level (than people, not you exactly). She is an elevated being who speaks through emotions, not with our mundane and inaccurate verbage.
The vibrating energy. It started at your feet, where you are 'grounded'. I will wager that it means the root chakra. That happens to be located at your tail bone, but for the imagery, it would start at the feet and work up.
Your arms lifiting would be expected as you were filled with this energy. From your description it also placed you in the "goddess pose" which is used to invoke the name of the goddess in many rituals.
And when you woke could be important. Following with the idea of the chakras. If it stopped at your throat, that is communication. Your brow, that is your third eye and awareness. The top of the head, the crown chakra which is your connection to the divine and the universe. Where it stopped could speak to the purpose of why you had this experience. Or it could be the amount of new ideas and energy your could handle at this time.
Put it all together and you have several answers that run the gamut between psychology and religion.
The mundane answer is most readily that some part of you needed to have this experience, and your mind created it while you were asleep and at ease.
Going with a more 'new-age' kind of thinking, one of the higher order of beings, be it an angle, elemental, ancesteral spirit, or an indra, visited you for whatever reason and brought you this gift of energy and peace to put you in attunement with the universe.
Personally, I'd go with the last explanation for your experience, as it is quite similar to several I have had in my years.
So take it all for what it is worth and have a good day.

Psychics are spiritualists. What you described sounds like a baptism of energy. Baptisms usually mean a new begining. So perhaps you are searching for spiritual rebirth, or a new start.

i dont really know what that means but you should try to google dream explanations!
i once went to a sight like that and they really explained my dream!

the thing is i forgot the website name so sorry couldnt be anymore of a help!

probably something you ate before you went to sleep... milk and pork can make you dream...

it means it's fake and just a dream dude

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