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Breaking out of prison dream meaning?

Last night I dreamt of breaking out of prison.
I smashed a big window with wires running through it and put a towel over the broken glass then scrambled out. I was on the run, trying to evade police through shopping centres.
I remember making a disguise and walking straight past some cops, eventually I got into a helicopter and got away from them, they caught up then I got into a tank. Except the controls for the helicopter and tank was like I was in a video game, weird.
At one point I think I was grabbed by a cop but I never actually was put into a car or taken back to jail.
What meaning does this have? I constantly have dreams of evading authority.


finally someone who has a recurring theme.

perhaps you lie allot and feel unconsciously guilty about it.
it might also mean that you're maturing and don't want to be more independent.

You're going to/are overcoming the bad things or people that are make you feel enclosed but you will break free from them

This symbolizes your courage a rebellious blood. You will never submit to a higher power. In other words, you don't take **** from other people, you are the boss of you.

there will be a big problem which you shall eventually overcome but you have to be careful.

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