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Baby dream. What could this mean?

There were four babies abandoned on the side of a road in a box, along with four kittens. My father wouldn't let me take them home and take care of them. I was planning on giving them up for adoption after I made sure they were safe. What could my dream mean?

When young, I dreamed I actually had four babies one night. (Labor, and all.) Nothing ever came of it.

I used to go to parapsychology classes, etc., to find out the meaning of some unusual dreams of my own (e.g., tornadoes, when I had never seen one in real life). What I learned, is that nobody is actually accurate.

If I had to guess, it could mean that you are simply a loving, kind person, who feels her hands are tied (so-to-speak) in some forthcoming endeavor.

Hope you find the answer you are looking for, but as for me, my dreams have just been an extension of my real life, thoughts, beliefs, hopes, and dreams (no pun intended).

God bless you with wisdom.

it means what you thought it meant... And thats why we took the field

babies kittens, all new things.

you're going to die.

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