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Refer to the [[themes section for emotions]] for a more in depth look at emotion symbolism.

Lack Of Feeling


Emotions expressed in dreams are a way for you to act out the feelings that you normally would not express if you were awake. The dream provides a "safe" outlet for these emotions instead of letting them get pent up. However if you feel of mix of emotions in your dream, especially if they are contradictory, then it means that your conscious and subconscious are in an emotional conflict.

Emotions in dreams often reflect how powerful or important you believe something is. They often mirror your waking emotional state.

See our themes section for more on emotion symbolism.


Numbness of the hand or of any limb in a dream indicates the same in wakefulness. It is as though such a limb will not perform, or that it will wane away when one needs it most.

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