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Dream About Zoological Garden meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What experience can i do for marine biology?

Iv always wanted to be a marine biologest...Always wanted to ever since i was 7 i am now 16 nearly 17..I know i need abit of experience before i even get started...Im going to college to study science and the subjects i need to get in a uni that i want that specialises in marine biology...But in the mean time i need a job to carry on my dream...Or even just experience...I don't live near the sea so i can look around there...Please some one give me help.

Is there an aquarium or zoological garden that has marine specimens near where you live? If so apply to be a volunteer or perhaps a paid assistant. Or perhaps there is a fish farm where you could get some experience in maintaining healthy fish.

Example: I am 14 and want to become a zoologist when i get older. are there any programs anyone recommends?

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