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Dream About Zombie meanings

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What does it mean if I always dream about zombies? I am always running from them.

Possible zombie outbreak in the future? It's the magic of the big Z-J warning you to prepare!

I was having many of these too a couple weeks ago, now I can't go to bed without knowing I have my baseball bat under my bed.

Example: What does it mean to dream about Zombies?

I have recurring dreams about fighting zombies. They occur in several different settings, but usually happen the same way: I'm trying to protect my family - especially my younger sister - against an invasion of zombies. My husband is always safe on the AFB where he works, but I'm left on my own fighting. I always wake up when my left calf gets bitten off - usually crying. Sometimes I have two or three of these dreams in a row. Can someone help me here?

Example: Meaning of crazy dream? (Zombies, Ballet, Haunted House...)?

Okay, last night I had a reallllllly weird, but for some reason I think meaningful, dream.
It was also a really long dream, too.

Well, anyway, I was trapped in this haunted house with some of my friends, and there were these blue zombies...made of spaghetti...(I know, what the heck). The zombies had weird googly eyes and were everywhere, it was dark and I could barely see in front of me, so when you ran into a zombie it was freaky. I think we all got split up or something, but anyway, me and one of my guy friends found a room with no zombies, and a window, so we hid in there for a while. We started talking about stuff and I told him I used to be a figure skater for years but I quit because I was never good at any of the moves (which is true). Then for some reason or other, we started dancing a ballet duet, which was really cool, because I got all the moves right and danced perfectly, and I don't even know ballet! Then after that we sat down by the window which was covered in spray paint and graffiti and he ask me "Are we _____ now?" and I said yes. I don't remember what ____ was but it was some sort of phrase that i've heard from a song before. Then the scene sort of faded out into more zombie fighting, then we escaped the house.

Then after a while I had to go back in the house with a group of people on some sort of trolly, and I don't know why, but we stopped the trolly in this room and popped some pop corn when suddenly this little girl started changing into a zombie. Her mom was freaking out but the girl said "Don't be scared, mommy! I'm not like the other zombies. I wont hurt you..." and so the mom picked up the girl and hugged her, then the little girl bit the mom's shoulder and started tearing out her organs and stuff, then I woke up.

I'm not so sure what that mess was all about, but i'd like a little insight :) Thanks...

Example: What does it mean to dream about zombies?

I had a dream last night that I was on my way to college and I stopped at a store to get something to eat and there were zombies all in the store. Randomly the only thing to kill it with was water? So I picked up a pack of Dasani water and kept splattering it at all the zombies. The only thing that was on my mind was how scared I was and was hoping that my loved ones were okay. Then, it skipped to me driving to my friend's house that was nearby and I found a dog on the outside and I kept begging them to keep the dog in their house so that it would be safe because there was some meaning behind why the dog was so important? And she doesn't actually live near a river but in my dream she did and some creepy man kept coming out taking back things that people borrowed from him? This dream was so weird, I was just wondering if there was any specific meaning behind it.

Example: What does it mean to dream zombies?

The only nightmares i get is about zombies, there is nothing more scary to me then zombies.
Sometimes when i dream zombies i wake up all sweaty, if i get up in the middle of the night and then go back to sleep i always dream the same zombie dream. I dream of me and some of my co workers or friends and family in the town's store where we try to barricade us from the zombies.
For example. last night i dreamed that we were in the store and we locked our self in a huge money safe. We were to heavy to be in there so someone had to go, but then 3 bad men came and locked them self's in. And then we had to kill allot of zombies and put things in front of the doors so they couldn't get in.

Example: What dows it mean to dream zombies?

I dont remember this dream very well but it starts that i am in a clinic with many sick people. Suddenly the people turn into zombies and theres is a girl in a red outfit trying to eat me but i break loose to a door that was broken(it opened and closed by itself). Then i see myself running away from her in the street, i look back but she runs really fast and she grabs me again but i hit her and she falls down buying me some time to escape again, but then i face this giant, naked, blood covered zombie but i am able to get away from them both and i stop in a harbor. In a distance i see a jumping baloon floating in the water. Lost in thought the zombie in the red outfit grabbs me and eats me.

Example: What does it mean to dream about zombies?

it usually starts out my family and I in my house but then one of my family members makes a noise and the zombies from next door hear and start heading our way so we start running outside for we no we wont last long inside. i start running but then i tell the zombies that im a zombie as well (i wasn't i was just acting like i was) so they cant eat me because they think im a zombie too.

Example: What does it mean to dream about zombies?

I've dreamt of being chased by zombies, killing them, fighting them in a group and trying to survive and save everyone. I've died a few times in these dreams. Ever since I've had my son I've had these dreams. He's 5 months old now. Its been a year.

Example: What is the meaning a dream with zombies?

I had a very intricate dream last night. It starts out with me being constantly bombarded by monsters (somethings similar to werewolves and zombies) and defeating them in a setting similar to Darkwood from the video game Fable. I start running toward town to get a rest; the monster's ferocity and persistence is getting worse. Throughout the scenario, the sky is filled with black clouds. When I get close to town, I save this woman, but immediately another creature pops out and swipes her head off. I feel terrified as though there is no escape. The scene changes.
The second scene is in a sushi bar/Dave and Busters and I'm celebrating with people I've never seen before but are my friends in context with the dream. The second scenario ends after a group photo. The third scenario has me watching Over the Hedge in a movie theater and playing with my cellphone. The last scenario features my family.It seems to be after a round of trick-or-treating, but turns terrifying when one of the creatures from the beginning of the dream attacks my grandma's dog. I wake up after the dog had a large bite taken out of it.

Are any parts symbolic of something?

Example: What does this dream mean? ZOMBIES?

I had this dream about zombies...so this is the dream. i was inside the house with my dad ...and there were zombies trying to get inside the house...so i would go outside ...and shoot them. ...then i would back inside ...and like huddle with my dogs. the zombies kept hitting my door...and that's the end of the dream. ...I DON'T KNOW IF THIS HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT. but i had a crush on this girl (katie) for 3 months now...she found out i liked her 2 months ago...and she told me she doesn't like me back 2 months ago...but i still like her. katie use to like this girl andie...but andie doesn't like her in that way.and she had a boyfriend...but now andie broke up with her boyfriend. and before andie broke up with her boyfriend...katie would talk to me...but now that andie broke up with her bf...katie won't even talk to me.

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