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Dream About Zither meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's a good way to start the harmonica?

Hey-o, I've had a sudden urge to re-pick up a musical instrument. I played the piano for about 5 years, and the trumpet for about 4, and I haven't played anything for about 3 years. The thing is, I have no idea where to start, what brand to buy, or anything of the sort. Can anyone tell me where to buy one, (preferably online), and why to buy it? Also, is there books on learning it, or online lessons, or should I find someone to teach me in my town? Money isn't much of an issue, I've picked up my first summer job, (currently 17-years-old), but please keep in mind the 17-year-old budget. Thanks for any answers!

I too enjoy learning a new instrument. I learned violin and flute at school. Taught myself a bit of keyboard, guitar and clarinet. Now I mostly play my penny whistles and mandolin. I really want a xaphoon but can't afford to get one at the mo'.

My grandad had a harmonium, a zither, a mandolin and some harmonicas.

I inherited the harmonicas, one of which is chromatic. Chomatic means you can play it in any key because of a little push button on one end. I do not recomend the chromatic, I think it is a bit gimmicky for anyone except for pro's.

I found it easy to pick out little tunes, with some help from my grandad. I love having them but never got any where with them.

You can get very cheap ones with instruction books untill you are ready to invest in the harmonica of your dreams!

I recomend looking on youtube and searching harmonica. there are sometimes tutorials and you can usuall ask questions off the people who posted themselves playing.

Also try Ebay to get a feel for what is available and the prices.

If it doesn't work out with the harmonica, I would like to strongly recomend the pennywhistle. xx
Enjoy :O)

Example: How should I confront my dad?

I am a college student with a brother (ok, half brother but whatever), and his parents (especially his mom) makes him play the piano everyday. This has been going on for 2-3 years and my brother absolutely hates the piano. He is 8 and I am 20. He is too scared to tell his mom that he hates it. He told my dad, but my dad just said some bullshit about how he wanted to learn it when he was little and now he can't. Everyday at night it's a power struggle between his mom and him. She would be lecturing him on the right pace to hit the notes and blah blah (she doesn't even actually know how to play the piano herself -_-. He would be complaining back at her and occasionally this would end up with my brother crying. My brother is too young and scared to tell her how he feels. I want to do something about it, but I only visit my dad's part of the family on weekends and holidays. I'm not close enough to him and his wife (especially his wife) to feel comfortable talking to them about it. And I have a feeling that if I try it would be very hard to get my point through to them. They'll just get mad or make excuses. I think all they're doing is trying to live their dreams through my brother and that's not good for his development. My brother has been hating it every since he began so I doubt that he'll like it in the future (besides, he could be pursuing other things than wasting his time practicing something that he hates). Another conflict I have is that my brother felt comfortable telling me his true feelings and I don't know whether he'll feel betrayed if I let his parents know about it.

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