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Dream About Zippo Lighter meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Very SYMBOLIC DREAM Meaning(s)?

I had a dream that I was in my kitchen, and there were two spotted chicken eggs. They were very small in size, and they were contained in a tall glass. I was holding a zippo lighter under the glass (probably to heat them up) and suddenly, the top egg cracked open, and a fully grown chicken popped out. I ran to my bedroom which was exaggerated in size and messiness, and the chicken ran into the mess. Mt mom was very angry and threatened to kick me out.

What could this mean?

Yep - I see what you mean about the symbolism! Since my name is chook, I thought I'd better have a go at this one! Hope I don't get it wrong though, cos that would be embarrassing and I would have to change my name! (Just kidding!)

A kitchen is like the hub of family activity. Personally, I think it is the most central and important room in any home. It's also where most of the cooking takes place - eg symbolically, it is a very nurturing room. So I think this is setting the scene for your dream. Your dream is mainly about your family life.

Well eggs are a symbol of new life, perhaps new ideas or a new phase of your life? The eggs are small, meaning that this new idea, phase of life, whatever it symbolises, is underdeveloped in some way. Also, they are spotted eggs? Chicken eggs aren't normally spotted so not really sure about this. Might symbolise disease ( eg chicken pox) or a defect of some kind? Quail eggs are small and spotted so it is interesting that you called them small spotted chicken eggs rather than large quail eggs? I guess it is all a matter of perception. Another thing about eggs is that they are a food with no restrictions in Judaism. (I really don't know very much about this at all but with a name like Salem I just thought this might be relevant to you in some way and worth thinking about whether this fits in somewhere). Also, there are two eggs, this will be important in some way, eg you have two issues, to conceder in your new phase of life, or something like that, but I'm not terribly good at number symbolism in dreams.

Glass and zippo lighter
Not really sure about the glass except to say it isn't normally somewhere you put eggs really. I guess a glass is something you can see through, eg you can see what your new phase of life is, but you are a bit removed from it at this stage. Eg you aren't carrying the eggs in your hand, they are in a glass where you aren't directly touching them.

You are using the lighter to warm the eggs and "incubate" them. Eg, you are trying and want this new thing in your life to work.

The chicken
When the egg hatches and it is a fully grown chicken, I think that is just saying that when the idea/new thing finally comes to fruition, it will be fully developed. Chickens are one of the very first creatures to be domesticated and have been domesticated for more than 10 000 years. That would really fit in with the symbolism of the kitchen too. Chickens are very useful and if you keep them they are really low maintenance. I think essentially the dream is about you becoming a useful member of your family or a useful member of society. It's about you becoming "domesticated"..

Chicken flies into your bedroom.
Ok, now your dream starts of in the kitchen, the hub of family life. Eg, you think the way to become useful/domesticated is to concentrate on your contribution to the family as a whole. HOWEVER! When the chicken hatches, you retreat into your bedroom and the chicken goes too and straight into the mess. Your bedroom is a place where you go to be alone, and a place where you sleep, eg rest and recuperate. It is the one room where you can express your self through what you put in it. The bedroom symbolises the very essence of you in the dream. In your dream your room is very big and messier than normal, meaning you need to clean up you're own act before you try to help others. The chicken is highlighting this by flying straight into the mess and forcing you to look there. (It probably also means that your Mum would like you to contribute to family life by first keeping your room tidy!).

In your dream, you are worried that your Mum is going to kick you out. I think this is just highlighting your anxiety that you won't be able to fulfil your family responsibilities. Don't worry, I don't think your Mum will really kick you out.

In summary, the way through to your next phase of life and be central to your family and to society in general is to first focus on yourself and keeping your own affairs in order (and literally keeping your room a bit tidier would probably help too).

Well, I hope this made some sense to you, for my own ego's sake more than anything else really (lol). If not, any suggestions for a new avatar name would be most welcome.

PS: I guess I have a different perspective on chickens than most people!.

Example: Dream interpretation...?

When I have fevers, I have these recurring dreams. Everyte I had fevers, from when I small to this day.

The dream is in first person. I dream of the white place. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. I walk a but and I see this brown wooden door. On the right side of the door, floating in the air or attached to some invisible object is a small black pot with a fuschia and light pink daisy-like flower. I feel this temptation to pluck the flower. When I do, the door opens and rocks and boulders tumble out. Animals would tumble out in a stampede, too. Elephants, giraffes, peacocks, rhinos, monkeys, and zebras, and other smaller animals that I can't recall. The noise was impeccable. The noise was like a thousand thunders. The stampede of animals and rocks tumbling so intensely that it seemed like they were chasing me, in a sense. The rocks and animals fills seems like its filling the white space. My vision is shaky. I try to run away. Then I usually wake up sobbing and crying.

What does this mean in detail? Why do I have the same dream every time I have a fever.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I was at the county fair trying to win a zippo lighter out of a .25 cent crane game ( I often did this as a kid). After several tries I finally got a hold of one, and dropped it in the hole. I reached in and pulled it out, and it was now a hockey puck! So I examine the puck and turn it over. On the other side is a picture of a co-worker, (female) wearing a confederate soldier's uniform...I have had this same dream 4 times. The first was about 8-10 month's ago and the most recent was last night. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Three nights ago I had an eerie dream.. I didn't even know I was sleeping until I woke up, but I was sitting on the couch and I passed out (still thinking I was sitting there awake) it was like 3 in the morning. I started to hear loud sharp static noises, and beating and scratching on the front door, I got up and almost immediately fell on the floor, I started feeling really weak and delirious (as if I were having alcohol poisoning but worse) I could barely crawl and the noises were getting louder and more violent, but I managed to crawl to my bedroom in an attempt to get my .45 handgun. When I finally got to the doorway of my room I reached up and tried to turn the light on but the bulb burned out as soon as it came on so I pulled out my zippo and lit it. Something blew the flame out and the zippo was gone, I reached for my pistol but as soon as I felt my hand brush against it, I levitated off of the floor away from it, and began to slam back and forth between my wall and dresser as I floated towards the ceiling, I tried praying to god for help but I couldn't speak no matter how hard I tried, I crawled along the wall as if it were the floor, grabbing on to anything I could to pull myself away from my room and what ever was trying to levitate me up and pull me backwards. I made it back into the living room and was pulled up against the ceiling, and I mustered up the ability to mutter the words "The power of Christ compels you" and I fell to the floor and then woke up on the couch. What does that mean? If it helps, I've had multiple realistic demonic dreams before

Example: Insane, brutal, bloody, grizzly dreams... what could they mean?

I just woke up about thirty minutes ago to a horrible dream of being in this town in northern California (my boyfriend and I have been there multiple times) and meeting this lady. We got along at first, and in the dream, we decided to go to a bar and have wine (...wine... At a bar for whatever reason). So we are all at the bar, her with her guy, me with my guy, then the guys leave and go to the restroom or something. She pulls me over and whispers something along the lines of "I hate you. You'd better not tell anyone I said that". In this dream, I pretty much just laughed it off. Then I got worried about her comment. Then our boyfriends came back and mine asked what was wrong and I was too afraid to tell him. Later on in the dream, my boyfriend, our dog and I get into a car with a couple of old friends and all of the sudden, this lady cones running towards the car with a Zippo lighter and throws it in the trunk of the car. We all escape JUST in time. We even rescued our dog. The next thing a remember in the dream, this lady is at a friend's house that I am at and runs at me with a knife. All I remember is fighting with her and finally taking hold of the knife. As soon as I get control of the knife, I cut off her hands. It was so bloody, so brutal... So next, I remember I am frantic about this and I yell at my boyfriend to call 911, but he is laughing hysterically saying that we don't need to call them. So I get a phone and call them and I remember being on the phone with the 911 operator and her saying something like "miss, why can't you talk straight?" And I said something like "because I am terrified... I just had to cut some ladies hands off!" And at the very end of my dream, the last thing is the operator saying "oh, you can't talk right because YOU are at fault!" I woke myself up from screaming. This is only ONE of the bizarre dreams that I've had that I don't understand. What could a dream like this possibly mean?

Example: Free Zippo? (Shot in the Dark)?

Let me start by saying hello. My name is Andrew, and I'm 17 and a half years old. I am a very very new Zippo enthusiast, and I must say I am very intrigued by the concept of it all. I would really like to own a Zippo to play around with, learn about, and simply all around enjoy.

I don't smoke, I'm not a pyro, I'm just very interested in the Zippo lighters, and would LOVE to have one to call my own. If there is anyone out there.. Anyone at all, who could spare whatever it takes to send me one.. I would be utterly grateful. You'd be fulfilling my dream, honestly. I couldn't think of a better gift right now.

I will remain optimistic in the hopes that there is a good person out there (hopefully with an extra Zippo he/she doesn't need!) who could make this a reality. Thank you world, for listening.

P.S. It doesn't need to be pristine, or anything. :) Just a simple, working Zippo.

That is all. <3

Example: Interpret or comment my dream.?

I had this weird dream last night, I'm not sure if it even means something. It doesn't seem like something I would dream, and I think I might have seen it on T.V. or a movie anyway. But just wanted to know what you think it means anyways.

'In the dream I'm watching as a guy is asking some person he knows for help with something. The person he knows is apparently on of those "Wannabe" Bad asses. The kind of guy I would refer to as a tool. Very good looking, but dresses darkly, and keeps to himself all aloof like so that he appears more mysterious.

When he finally agrees to help the first guy he ends up following him back to the first guy's house. He goes in through the basement where he is introduced to the first guy's younger sister. She is plump but still attractive, and something about the way she reacts to seeing the "Bad ***" tells me she has had a major crush on this guy for a very long time.

Then when the "Bad ***" see her he almost recognizes her, he flashes on a photograph of a thinner girl who looks a lot like this one. I thought the girl had just put on weight, but now I think it could have just been mistaken identity.

The "Bad ***" starts acting differently, he tells the girl how beautiful he thinks she is, starts twisting this line that makes her fall madly in love with him, he starts asking her what she would do for him, would she kill for him, would she die for him.

He has her eating out of his hand she has become brainwashed in less than a minute, pledging herself to him and willing to do what ever he says.

I flash forward to a few minutes later, the first guy comes back with his father and mother walking down the stairs to the basement.

The spot their daughter sobbing hysterically, drenched in some liquid with a gas can in her left hand and a Zippo in her right.

She is trying to light it but the Zippo is too wet, she keeps trying even though there is so much fear in her eyes she seems compelled to do so by some unknown force.

The father tries to convince her to stop, but as he approaches her she starts trying even more franticly. And the "Bad ***" is egging her on even more, Saying something like "It's the only way we can be together" or "You would do it if you really loved me."'

Example: Someone stole my property what do I do (please read)?

Okay so I had a lighter which was a zippo and it cost me £20. I was at college and my mate asked if he could borrow it to light his cig with and then he would give it back so I gave it to him and he went out back of college and lighted his cig up and they were admiring it and then he went to give it back but then his black friend called Levi just snatched it from him when I was just about to take it. He then put it in his pocket and ran away into the building and to his bunch of friends and just started talking to them. I went up to them and asked for my lighter back but they all said "stop gashing about it and just go" and after I argued about it with them and telling them to give it back I decided to go to my on site superviser and tolled him the whole story, he said that he will sort it out next week cause these kids are in only once a week cause there from school. But let's face it they won't bring it into college next week there gonna keep it and pretend like they don't know what I'm talking about. Can I phone the police if the college doesn't resolve this cause there's no proof that he took it and there gonna deny everything and make it seem like I'm acuising them, but I have a witness and that's my mates who are also Inonce a week who were witnesses. I'm 16 and I'm really angry cause I collect zippo and then this crinimal takes it and thinks I'm not gonna do anything about it. I wish I could of stomped on his head outside but I would be charged with assualt and sacked from my college which is not a good idea. I'm planning on stealling some of his items next week or steal his folder and piss him off and just put it in my bag and that means all of his work is gone and he has to do it agian, he can't proof that it's me and if swings for me then that's my fuckin dream cause I would absolutly destroy him, my muscles are bigger, my friends are bigger if he gets his friends involved, I'm 6ft 1 and he's like 5ft 3 or something. What can I do

Example: Whats ur horses name?

if u dont have 1, do u go 2 a barn? what r some of horses names there? whats your favorite 1? i really need some name ideas. thanx

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