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Dream About Zinc meanings

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Dreaming with Zinc may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: Every colors used in the house has its own meaning. Therefore what does each color symbolizes when...?

this has something to do with the life of the people living in the said place like: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, lanai etc. Thanks.

CARMINE : Indicates a person who is seeking change
VERMILLION : Highlights creativity
RUSTIC RED : quick tempered
SCARLET RED : Can indicate a person a big ego
CRIMSON : innate creative talents
MAROON : Ability to own ones own self power
CLARET : Tenacious
APRICOT : Indicating thoughtful communication
ORANGE : strongly motivated
PUMPKIN : self-disciplined
AMBER : Indicating individual strength and courage
CARAMEL : Indicating positive occupation changes
COPPER : Rarely seen but usually seen in those of the mining industry
RAW SIENNA : indicates weak thought processes
PALE YELLOW : introversion
PRIMROSE : Cheerfulness and confident
LEMON YELLOW : strength of direction
BUTTERCUP YELLOW : focused on a path of action
GOLDEN YELLOW : Indicates inspirational thought
MUSTARD : May indicate manipulative tendencies
STRAW YELLOW : day dreamer
FAWN : Indicates the end of a period of problems
DOE-SKIN : Indicates methodical and organized people
MUSHROOM : a slowing of destiny
CHOCOLATE BROWN : Indicates links to the earth horticulturalists,
agriculturalists and environmentalist
RUSSET-BROWN : a hard working person
TERRACOTTA : an unconventional individual
DARK BROWN : indicates common sense
PALE GREEN : spiritual advancement
LEMON GREEN : Indicating liars and cheats
IRIDESCENT GREEN : extremely sociable people
EMERALD GREEN : Laying to rest of a problem
JADE : Indicates a benevolent character
VIRIDIAN : emotionally and mentally stress
OLIVE GREEN : can indicate a miser
DARK GREEN : mental stress
TURQUOISE : Often indicates success in life in someone
who has had to fight their way out of hardship.
PINKS - Aura Colour Meanings
PALE PINK : true love
PINK MADDER : indicates faithfulness and real commitment
SALMON PINK : people who have found their true vocation and love it
IRIDESCENT PINK : sexual desire
DUSTY PINK : indicates a foolish person
AQUA : The colour of a healer
PALE BLUE : Indicates sensitivity
SKY BLUE : well developed basic instincts
COBALT BLUE : Indicates intuition coming from the advanced area of the aura
PRUSSIAN BLUE : Indicates harmony
ROYAL BLUE : Indicates someone who has found their path in life
DELFT BLUE : strong principles
ULTRAMARINE : Indicates connections with the sea, sailors, surfers.
NAVY BLUE : Indicates slow, but safe and sure individuals
INDIGO : Great psychic talent
LAVENDER : Indicating the experience of a near death experience.
LILAC : spiritual stability
MAGENTA : Indicating entrepreneurial skills
MAUVE : : Indicating a modest individual
IMPERIAL PURPLE : Awareness of dreams
GRAPE : idleness
VIOLET : indication of a humble person
SILVER GREY : See in people who practice yoga
SILVER : Indicating the individuals connection with higher guidance.
ZINC : Usually seen around the sexual organs during arousal
CREAM : found in individuals who are following their the right path of development.
PEARL : Highly tuned mediums often have this colour in their aura.
GOLD : Indicating an elevated level of awareness.
Colures indicating problems
BLACK : Can often be seen in the auras of abused children,
divorcees, drug addicts and people who have experienced
torture or great trauma in their lives.
GREY : Can indicate a feeling trapped in their life
CHARCOAL GREY : Can indicate Depression

Example: English translation of Jacques Preverts "La Grasse Matinee"?

Example: My dreams! what are they meaning?

i keep having dreams that i have dates with different guys and when i start to like them i scream this is so wrong and runaway and go to my boyfriend and im always running from the dates i dont know what dis means please help i would never cheat on him i love him soo much and we just had a baby pls answer !

Example: Are there any fans of Marc Bolan and T.Rex's later period music/songs (Zinc Alloy to Dandy)?

This doesn't have to mean you loved an entire album, but can be great individual songs/singles/b-sides that most of the public has overlooked or might be unaware of. Songs like Teenage Dream, Think Zinc, Solid Baby, Dandy in the Underworld, Pain and Love, Jupiter Liar, Calling All Destroyers, Jason B. Sad, Laser Love, London Boys, Sensation Boulevard, I'm a Fool For You Girl, I Love to Boogie, Life's an Elevator, Celebrate Summer, Hang Ups, Chrome Sitar...etc. Many of these have been very influential to other artists, appeared in movies, inspired other songs (The Ramones' "KKK Took My baby Away" swiped "Laser Love's" main riff, Laser Love has appeared in a recent Nicolas Cage film, Teenage Dream in "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," I Love to Boogie is in Billie Elliot,...etc) Tell us of your latter day Bolanic love and inspiration!

Example: I had a dream i was eating rocks, now i cant eat.?

I was walking behind my manager down a rocky trail and I was eating donuts and for some reason every bite I took it was full of rocks and dirt and tasted disgusting. I woke up and still have the taste in my mouth. I feel so sick I can eat anything now. I feel sick just thinking about it.

Example: Horrible dreams everynight?

every night I have horrible dreams. I die in my dreams all the time and they start from where it left off. I'll sleep walk and end up in weird places just sitting there, in my dreams I'm being tortured and ican feel it. then if iget hit somewhere, wen iwake up they have a bruise there. one time iwas being bitten and iwoke up with a bite mark. igo to sleep at like 9 so its not that iim not going to bed early. my dreams make me scared to go to sleep they're bloody and when isay I'm being tortured I mean they're twisting my body parts, cutting me open, and other things that's too bad to put on here.
please if anyone has any suggestions or anything, please helpp.

thank you!

Example: Do Vitamins really help anyone? or are the vitamin companies just making money?

The reason I ask is I have a professor who "speaks out" about vitamins on a regular basis, talking about how vitamins just go right through you, there is no medical evidence that says your body actually takes anything in, And thats why your urine turns colors and smells, is because your body turns it to waste before it has a chance to absorb in you. So quite literally you are flushing your money down the toilet. oh, but he says prenatal vitamins are different, meaning proven medically effective.

Is any of this actually true? professional opinions would be greatly appreciated.

BTW the professor i am refering to is the head of the substance abuse couseling department and he "speaks out" about this when discussing the dangers of pharmacology with relation to substance abuse... I admit talking about vitamins in this situation is a far stretch, and the guy has some very radical viewpoints in other areas so it's hard for me to know whether hes for real on this or not, please help

Example: Kinda weird question, WET DREAMS!?

Just wondering if any other girls wake up in the middle of a WET dream? I have been having them more frequently in the last couple weeks, Do guys have wet dreams also?

Example: High zinc is cure semen leak?

Example: Is there any problem if not getting wet dreams?

hi, I am 31 and have no sexual relation since Feb 2008. Since then i am not thinking much about sex or whatsoever related, even not masturbating. I do get hard-ons and while sleeping i feel that i might ejaculate but nothing get wet.

Also, 5~6 months back, i got checkup with doc and tested my semen and urine for any infection. He noted that i am having some infection, also having some drops of semen in urine for which he prescribed some medicine with multi-vitamin+zinc tabs which i had taken. Later again got tested and doc said now it is fine now.

Is there still any problem with me that i am not getting wet dreams or is it normal at this stage i.e. no wet dreams? Do i need to see doc again? Any changes required in my diet? Hope some expert level response, thanks.

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