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Dream About Zikr meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Interesting hadith about Adam pbuh, but is this authentic?

There is a popular book called 'fazail e amal' that is common amongst the tablighi jamaah. I must admit it contains some dubious stories about 'pious' people and quite strange.

On p84 under the section 'virtues of salah' it states that a person was buried and someone then leaped pver and saw the dead performing salah!

My question is based on a hadith (authenitic? not sure) about Adam pbuh. On page 149 under the section ' Virtues of zikr'. it is as follows:

the prophet pbuh said: after adam pbuh sinned he weeped and then he looked up towards the heavens abd paryed, " oh Allah I beg thy forgiveness in the name of muhammed", "who is muhamme?", came the enquiry through divine revelatio. He repiled, "when you had created me, i saw the words 'la ilaha ilallah muhamadarasuallah written on your ARSH, and since then i believed that no human is suprior to muhammad pbuh. whose name appered alongside yours. in reply, it was revealed, "he is to be the last of all prophets and will be your decendent. If he were not to be created you would not have been created ! .

What are your views on this hadith. is it authentic?

Tablighee Jammat and Brelvis are worst liars. Often they base their lies on dreams which can not be verified. Allah says in Quran lots of times to do zikr of Allah and shukr of Allah. Allah said only one time in Qurn that Allah and His Angels send salams to His Nabi, O believers you also send salawats to Nabi.

They always push with stories based on lies to send salawat/salams to Rasoolallah though we do say
Darood-Ibrahim in our Evety two or four rakahs prayer, but they keep pushing to send salams all the times. But they never talk about Zikr of Allah. They believe no matter how sinful they are, Rasoolallah SAW will get them in to Jannah. How foolish. It is not written in Quran nor in Hadith that Adam AS saw name of Mohammad SAW written on the walls in Jannah. It is not written any where that Adam AS knew how to read Arabic. How can it be true that Adam AS read Prophet Mohammad's name written in Jannah?

These people fabricate ahadith to force their lies on other Muslims but do not read entire Quran to see that they are supposed to do zikr of Allah more than sending to Prophet SAW. They are supposed to love Allah more than Prophet SAW. But these people love to go to Madina more than they want to go to Mecca. During my Haj in 1984, I saw some Brelvi Pakistanis saying that they feel more attached to Madina than Mecca.

I could drive from Riydh to Madina or Mecca and be back in one holiday of Friday. I couldn't go to both cities and be back in one day's holiday. I went for Umrahs five times to Mecca and went to Madina also only one time when I had two days off. I went to Mecca and Madina first time when I went for Haj with four days holiday.

To me Kaaba (house of Allah) was always more important when I could not go to both place on same trip. It does not mean I do not love Mohammad SAW. It means only that I love Allah more than Prophet SAW. Because Allah provides us sustenance, water and oxygen to breath without which we can not live more than three minutes.

Example: Muslim men..how to avoid this..?

Assalamu alaikum

how to avoid madhi, other than fasting?


Example: What are the signs someone who have guidance from Allah ?

As salammualaikum...

Correct me if am wrong...

Before i was so trouble, am not shalat,i dont know how to read Quran..but last time i was so depression, worry and feel fear all the time i also dreaming about something that it was so weird almost everynight..and finally i`ve made up my mind to learn how to read Quran and shalat 5 times a day and also zikr everday everywhere..alhamdullillah now i feel better and peace of me..

just want to share and wanna know what are the sign for someone who hve guidance from Allah..

Example: What does islam say about seeing a snake in a dream ?

i saw a dream last night where i was standing in my college and evryone was screaming and runing away saying theirs a snake but wen i tried to run the snake tightly wrapped around me..it was choking me to death den my friend was standing beside me he said "have no fear trust Allah and recite aytal kursi"..the moment i recited aytal kursi ..the snake began to shrunk,it died n turned into wood..den i went around tellin everyone...what does this dream mean?people say seeing a snake in dream means you have a lot of enemies but how will i know who are my enemies?
one more thing ever since i have shifted to my new house whenever i sleep in my room i get really bad dreams,i get up in the middle of night and when i check the time it would be 3am and the dogs would be crying it really scares me i recite aytal kursi n sleep i pray in that room.i even have a quran kept in that room i dont know why this happens but when i sleep in some other room i dont get such bad dreams..i really dont know what to do..someone or the other would be dying in my dream :(

Example: Need help interpreting a dream please?

I'm asking here because I find that Muslims are really good at dream interpretation.

I had a dream early this morning that I had twin baby boys. About new born age, they were wrapped up in little blankets. I don't know how to explain this part, but I knew they were mine...just that feeling you get, you know?Anyway, in the dream I was looking very carefully at them, you know how mothers study their babies...

And the first one, I picked up, but it turns out he turned into a doll. The kind where you lean it back and its eyes close. So I set it aside, feeling confused, but not particularly disappointed or shocked.

The second one I picked up, he was perfect...I remember examining him for signs of Downs Syndrome (I don't know why) but being satisfied that he didn't have it. He smiled and had dark brown eyes.

Something else was happening in the dream, where while I wasn't panicked or afraid, I felt the strong urge that something was going on, and I needed to protect these babies, my boys. I remember leaving the doll behind while I picked up my son and ran.

That's all I remember.


A bit of background on me... My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about 6 or 7 years. We got pregnant once, and we lost it...I was devastated, but we kept trying, and no luck.

That's why I'd like some input on this dream. Please be honest, and if you know anything about dream interpretation, please help.

I think it might also be that I am leaving a job that I thought was good but turned out not to be. I just got hired for another job, and am hoping it is better.

Example: Seeing earings in a dream, 1 broken and 1 worn on ear- The earings represents the husband and children?

I am a little bit confused...it=n one way it says that if a women see earring it represents her husband and children but then it says that if you see yourself wearing earrings then it is good?

Wearing a Ring, Necklace or Earrings : If a person sees himself as wearing any of the above then ther is some goodness to be found in such a dream though little.

Example: Ramadan: how can I increase my faith and taqwa?

Assalam Alaykum everyone.
Al hamdulillah, I am Muslimah. I wear the hegab, pray 5 times every day, read Quran, and attend masjid. There is something very wrong with me though.
I have a terrible temper. I'm angry with my father and I cannot forgive him. He broke my heart with all the abuse. I am 22 now, but he hit me till I was 16. Till this day, I am hurt by him. Also, he continues to be verbally abusive by saying how daughters are a curse to the family, how I'm a big baby, how I'm not a good daughter, etc. When he gets mad, he says these things that hurt me and I get so angry and complain to my mom.
I don't want to be a bad daughter. I want to be a perfect Muslimah so I can please Allah and go to jannah and find a beautiful, kind husband in this life insha'Allah. I feel like these dreams are so far away and that I don't deserve them because of how bad I am.
What can I do?

Example: Tests and behaviour...need help?

i have a problem with anger...especially when i go through injustice...yesterday my mom made me soooo mad...i did not say anything to her but i did go on internet and tell my friend what hap pend to let some steam off...i thought after wards that allah mite have bin testing me...so i hugged my mom and she was happy and before sleep i apologized to allah that if i made a mistake forgive me...but now i could not get up for fajr...it wasn't my fault...i think the alarm did not work...and in the morning i was having a bad dream...so i know that shaytan was there...cuz he pees in your ear if you don't get up ( i heard that somewhere) so...does that mean...because i don't my friend what happened...allah was not Happy with me...when you get angry are you allowed to get some steam out like by punching a sand bag or screaming or hitting your pillow?...if this were a test...i did fail right...if i did fail...how can i make it better...

thanks for answering

Example: SUFISM: who runs the affairs of the universe?

@ syeda: i thought u will try to be respectful? ...oh well its hypocrisy to say something and do the opposite.

well answer and give ur opinion, if not piss off u rude kiddo, u are free to believe in what u want and i am free to post/do whatever i want...can u do something about it? hmmm ok shhhhh keep ur mouth closed

Example: How can the Muslims decide or be sure that ...?

What is followed as the sunnat, is just as good as the opinion of scholars. And God did not guarantee that the opinion of scholars or of Bukhari / Muslim / Tirmizi etc. would be infallible.

That means u r following a religion that is rather the opinion of Bukhari / Muslim / scholars, rather than the actual deeds of Mohammad.

And on the day of Judgment none of these would be able to stand between u and God, to say that it was their mistake and u should be exempted for following their flawed opinion !

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