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Dream About Zig Zag meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Another strange dream that ended w/ running but i never made it to a destination? what does it mean?

I had another one of those weird dreams. This time I was in a room. The lights were out and there was a window showing that it was night out. I was lying in a bunk bed on the bottom bunk awake. Something was on the top bunk. It was thing w/ a face like :S and snakes for hair. It peeked down to look at me then jumped in my face and hissed. I wasn't afraid of it, I was calm and felt protected by God. I punched the thing in the face then the bed started sinking until I could see nothing but black. All of a sudden I launched out of bed and flew out threw the window. I hit the ground running. Something was chasing me but I wasn't scared. I kept looking back but couldn't see the chaser. I ran past many houses then I walked into one. It was a stranger's. He was an old man sitting in his dining room (he had only one big room that was a kitchen, living room, and dining room) reading a newspaper. I tried to get his attention but he ignored me. I got frustrated and left running again in zig zags

This was a dream-the unconscious trying to work out a problem. Don't worry-dreams are like that Good thing God was watching you-right?

Example: Can you please interpret my dream?

So basically I'm at my house and I'm just walking, but im walking in place. And then suddenly I become aware that something is wrong with me and then it skips to me being operated on. I'm knocked out but I can still see what happening. There are doctors with glasses and blue hair nets and those mouth guard things. A doctor cut down my body from my neck to my abdomen in zig Zag with a knife. My body doesn't open, the knife just draws a Zigzag black line. The atmosphere is really hustle 'n bustle ,ya know. And then black stitches appear one by one starting from the bottom of the cut and then slowly appearing until all the stitches are placed. END OF DREAM.
What do you think that mean?
idk if its relevant but im a girl, high school age.

Example: Dream of faceless woman in white meaning?

So, this is my second time having this dream and I would like to get the meaning of it. The dream starts by me walking through a big house that has a very large collection of mirrors I do not look into any of them and I feel very safe. then all of a sudden as I walk some more through the house I see out of the corner of my eye something moving out of one mirror to the next in a zig zag pattern it is not getting closer to me nor getting further from me, and when I finally decide to turn around and investigate what's going on I see a woman in all white with long white hair in a white dress but I cant see her face. after this I get scared and wake up screaming. Any thoughts of what this might mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was with a guy I like (from real life) but when I looked at his face he looked like Michael Jackson, we were touching each other’s backs and legs multiple times during the dream.
He grabbed my waist. I felt in love.
There was a cash register and I accidentally hit the wrong button but it was ok. We had a brief conversation about how he thought we dressed alike - he compared this tiny zig-zag print on my jacket sleeve to a similar print on his shirt.
He also mentioned that his hair and mine were both soft. There were two
girls at the register, one
was Tatiana Thumbtzen (Michael Jackson’s former girlfriend in real life) and the other I can’t remember. They kept trying to seduce
him and get his attention but he was ignoring
them and only wanted to pay
attention to me. He hit a button on the register and then the sun
set in the sky in a matter of seconds.
He was holding my waist. In the dream I was so happy when he pressed
the button I could feel myself holding
back tears.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok my dream starts like this.I am hanging out in my boyfriends gym class.Then the teacher says that they had to run the mile.I am in a different class from him so i dont have to, but i do it anyway.They we start.My bf does not run fast because he is running with me, in reality he runs really fast. I am surprised because i am staying with the majority of the people running,if this were real i would be in the back.So i see all the familiar places i see all the times i run the mile.Then when we get to the end we are supposed to turn around but everyone keeps going,there is another way that they run it in his class.So i am tempted to turn around but keep going.I see all the people in his class and follow them because i dont know where i am going.We do some zig-zags and end up at a tennis court(we dont have one in reality) and you have to bring back a ball so the teacher knows you went all the way.So i ask for a ball and my bf throws one at me and it his my face. I throw one at his head.

Example: The meaning of this crazy dream?

I have this recurring dream but all it is is just white with a thick black zig-zag, kind of like a polygraph just going back and forth, and constantly zooming in and out. All I can hear is like a mechanical whirring and I have a strange taste in my mouth (Kind of tastes like the stuff the dentist puts in your mouth when he wants to make a mold of it.) It always scares me awake (It really isn't scary, it just freaks me out so damn much) and I wake up drenched in sweat and breathing really heavy.

If anyone has any ideas on what is going on with me, please try to explain.

Example: Wierd dream, what does is mean?

In the dream one of my male tutors at uni (who appears in my dreams about once a month) gave me a gift of some trainers, they were a dark colour with a button on the side, the shoes gave me the ability to jump over buildings and also when i pressed the button they turned into a tent with loads of papers inside which described what other people including the tutor thought of various people and also the tutors private thoughts about me. Which said he was fearful of my potential and his connection with that. This was all set in a place which seemed like a festival site and had a large pyramid made from rope at the top of the hill away from the building in which he gave me the shoes, also i went to the portaloos and was on the toilet, inside a portaloo which was bigger and made from white walls and a load of people came streaming through. I then was justoutside the building where the tutor gave me the shoes and had put the tent up and me, the tutor and a few other people were sitting on the floor and I was holding my lodgers baby, and noticed in the back of her head were these wierd earing like things which were on the end of large zig zag pins which went into the back of her head, i pulled one out and then started worrying, and jumped over a fence.

Example: A wolf dream? What does it mean?

I had this dream where i was walking on a dirt trail by the forest. It was a beautiful day. The sun was out. The trees were green and the ground looked so golden rich. Everything was shinning. When i was staring at the forest, two or three wolves popped out of nowhere in the air. The wolves were completely gray. I love animals especially wolves. At first i was excited to see them until my mood changed from excitement to great fear in a second. I was really frightened. This fear was so scary because in all my life i never felt this kind of fear. Then three little puppies were there with the same dull gray color. The next thing i know i was floating towards them. I struggled to get down but no use. I know how ugly wolves can get when someone messes with the little puppies and i was pretty sure i wasn't going to be ripe to shreds. When i landed in front of them, i watched with caution eyes only to see that the big wolf only growled at me. Frozen with fear i was. Once i was able to move, i made a run for it into the woods. All of a sudden everything was gray and misty. I ignored and just ran. I frequently turned around to see that a wolf was chasing me. But this wolf wasn't the one i saw before. No this one was different. It had black and gray zig zags. My adrenaline was high and i ran faster. Finally i found a small cabin. It was scary looking and half broken down. But it would keep the wolf out or at least i hoped it would. I went inside and headed to a window. It was hard to see through because it was dirty but i was able to see the wolf. It was really ironic because every time i had a glimpse of the wolf it would change from a wolf to a dog and then a wolf again. I think. I remembered the way it looked at me while pacing around impatiently. Despretely hoping that i would go outside. I was really surprised that it didn't try to get inside but as soon as i entered i had a feeling that it couldn't. So i stayed there watching the creature until i woke up.
I don't know what happened but tell me what it means.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Im in my room, but it looks nothing like my room. this room has no color, just white and beige. I find a door in my closet, so i go in and i feel no fear. ( not typical of me) when i go in this secret room it looks like a basement with a huge window on the far wall. there is a small desk right next to the door, but it is covered in dust and has nothin on it. the room zig-zags and opens into a room that has white carpet and white walls, more like an attic now rather then a basement. theres a small childs bed that has no sheets or blankets and there are two boxes right next to it. i open a box and there are little boys clothes inside, but when i pick up a piece of clothing, the article seems to be frail and falls apart in my hands.
there are pictures in the box, its old pictures and they have a little boy in them, but the little boy is too far away to see his face. he looks about 3or 4.
i suddenly get the feeling there is another person in the room, and i feel very rushed to get out, and sudden emence fear. i go to the door and when i go out of the door into the rest of the house, i dont return to my room, i am downstairs and coming out of a closet in the hall. its my house, but there is no furniture in the house anymore.

ive had this reoccuring dream for the last two weeks, i keep awaking durring the dream, but so it took me about a week to finish the full dream, and then the whole dream reocccured un-interupted.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about 2 snakes?

Yesterday, I had a dream about 2 snakes one red and the other yellow. One was by my stairs and the other infront of my house almost next to my mail box. I remember calling out to my family about the red snake next to our stairs and this man I didn't know came out and killed it. When I walked towards the front of the house because I was going to check the mail I see that there was another snake, the yellow one, next to the mail box. It was just curled up in a circle and was staring at me. I was holding a water bottle and I decided to throw it water which just angried it and began to chase me. Somehow the man that had killed the other snake came out to kill it only this time he ran it over with his truck. I somehow ended up on the back of the car hiding from the man and the spectators who came out to see him kill the snake. (By the way the red snake was in a zig-zag/straight position, and it looked dead because it had its eyes close and was very still. Actually it wasn't pure red it was like a red-violet color/ a darkish pink color)

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