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Dream About Zephyr meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I need happy upbeat Sunny Summer Songs?

I got Soak up the Sun

Dashes - mean different song by same band... commas , are within the same song title

ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra): Girl, I wanna Lay You Down - Maria - Wall of Jericho - Try

Badly Drawn Boy: Bewilderbeast

The Dirty Heads: Believe - Lay Me Down (feat. Rome) - Driftin' - Easy

Fishbone: Party WIth Saddam...(sounds bad, but is good)

Hollerado: Juliet - Fake Drugs

Incubus: Oil and Water - I Miss You - 11 AM - Are You In - Aqueous Transmission

Jack Johnson: If I had Eyes - Bubble Toes

Jimi Hendrix: Remember - Wait Until Tomorrow - One Rainy Wish - May This Be Love - Message of Love - Long Hot Summer Night - Angel - Drifting - Hey Baby

Led Zeppelin: White Summer/Black Mountain Side - Fool In The Rain - What is and Wht Should Never Be - Misty Mountain Hop - Tangerine

Looking Glass: Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)

Mason Jennings: Sunlight - Be Here Now - Gentlest Hammer - Somthing About Your Love - Fighter Girl

Matt Costa: Astair - Sweet Thursday - Sunshine

Mr. Big: Green Tinted Sixties Mind - To Be With You - Superfantastic - Hole In The Sun

Neil Young: Birds - When You Dance You Can Really Love - I Believe In You - Beautiful Bluebird - Cinnamon Girl - Heart of Gold - Dreamin' Man - If I Could Have Her Tonight - See The Sky About To Rain - The Painter - Mother Earth (Natural Anthem)

No Doubt - World Go 'Round - Underneath It All

Otis Redding: (Sitting On) The Dock of the Bay

Red Hot Chili Peppers: Behind The Sun - Walking on Down the Road - Scar Tissue - Universally Speaking - Dosed - I Could Die For You - Bicycle Song - Funny Face - Purple Stain - Midnight - The Zephyr Song - Tear - Californication - Porcelain - Raod Trippin' - Under the Bridge - Soul to Squeeze -Walkabout - Baby Appeal - Funky Crime - Why Don't You Love Me - Green Heaven

Sly and The Family Stone: Everybody Is A Star - Fun - You Can Make It If You Try - Thank You (fallettinme be mice elf) - Life

Smashing Pumpkins: Today

Soundgarden: The Day I Tried To Live

Stevie Ray Vaughan: Lenny

Stone Temple Pilots: Interstate Lve Song - Big Empty - Lady Picture Show - Plush

Temple of The Dog - Hunger Strike

The Tragically Hip - The Dire Wolf - The Last of The Unplucked Gems - Wheat Kings - Grace, Too - Scared - The Darkest One - Throwing Off Glass - Bobcaygeon - Fireworks - Fiddler's Green - Sherpa - Queen of the Furrows

Van Morrison: The Streets Only Knew Your Name - Cleaning Windows - And The Healing Has Begun - Brown Eyed Girl - Into the Mystic - Warm Love - These Dreams of You - Caravan - Crazy Love - And It Stoned Me - Avalon of the Heart - Flamingos Fly - You're My Woman - Natalia - Hungry for your love

Weezer: Island in the Sun

The White Stripes: 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues - Sister Do You Know My Name - You Don't Know What Love Is (You Jusy Do As You're Told) - I'm Slowely Turning Into You

Wintersleep: Insomnia - Miasmall Smoke and the Yellow Bellied Freaks - Weighty Ghost - Drunk On Aluminum - Mirror Matter

Ok my eyes hurt from scrolling down itunes , some of them may not really be summer type of songs but htey are all good, well i guess if you like the music, if you dont like it just try it anyways and dont turn the song off right away cuz some of them change in the middle and stuff

Example: Help me think of some fae names?

I'm attempting to write a novel/story (not sure how long it's going to be yet) and I'm currently trying to think of names for some evil fae.

I'm still not sure how many of them there will be, but I know that their leader will be a bad A guy. Any sort of fae sounding name would help very, very much! :)

Example: What to name this mare?

Im buying a mare in a few days and I dont know what to name her.

shes a sorrel solid mare with spots of roan on her belly and dock of her tail. shes a little mare, only 14.3 and shes so cute! she has a white face with a black dot near her lip that makes it look like shes smiling all the time.

i like to name based on personallity too. she is so sweet on the ground. when your doing anything to her she likes to help you ( like nuzzling your back as you pick her hooves and playing with the saddle when you saddle her) but when your on her she gets very sassy and thats what i like about her.

( the reason im renaming her is because she has a human name. i dont like my horses to have human names!)

Example: What do you think of these GOTHIC names?

Now Gothic names and Wiccan names are becoming popular what do you think about these?

Acheron, Alabaster, Amaranth, Argent, Ashes, Autumn, Abyss, Aura

Babylon, Belladonna, Blade, Bliss, Blue, Brink, Battle

Calamity, Chalice, Chaos, Chapel, Cinder, Crimson, Cyan, Century

December, Drachen, Drakkar, Draven, Dream, Dred, Dusk, Draegan

Ebony, Echo, Eclipse, Edge, Ember, Enigma, Essence, Eternity, Eventide

Fate, February, Forest, Forever, Friday, Frost

Garnet, Glacier, Glimmer, Gossamer, Gotham, Grail, Granite, Grey, Gusty

Hades, Hail, Halo, Haven

Icy, Imperia, Infinity, Innocent, Ivory, Ivy, Illusion

January, Jett, Jezebel, Jinx, Journey

Kaige, Kandyl, Kindle, Kindred

Labyrinth, Lace, Layre, Lazarus, Legacy, Legend, Leviathan, Lithia, Locke, London, Lore, Lucifer, Lucretia, Luna, Lynk, Lullaby

Maleficent, Mayze, Memory, Mercy, Midnight, Mink, Mirage, Mist, Monday, Morrow, Mystery, Myth

Nebula, Noire, November, Nightshade

Obsidian, October, Omen, Onyx

Pandora, Panther, Pardon, Parrish, Payne, Pentecost, Peregrine, Prysm

Rain, Ransom, Rapture, Rave, Raven, Refuge, Remember, Requiem, Rogue, Rosary

Sabbath, Sable, Sabre, Salem, Salvation, Satin, Scarlet, Seraphim, Shadow, Shayde, Siberia, Silence, Silver, Smoky, Snow, Solitude, Solstice, Spirit, Steele, Stone, Storm, Stryker, Sunday

Talon, Tempest, Temple, Thorne, Thunder, Trilogy, Trinket, Tsunami, Tuesday, Twilight, Tranqility

Vail, Velvet

Whisper, Willow, Winter, Wish, Wolf

Zaphara, Zen, Zephyr, Zillah, Zima, Zurie

Example: Name my band?...Please...?

Come on, I'm no good at naming things.

Example: What are good horse names?

boy or girl, any color, i just want ideas! last time i asked this, nobody gave me anything good! i need mysterious names! spanish, cool names. no cuss words or ill report u! plzzz help me! first person with good horse names gets 10 points. i dont want any websites to go to or else you wont get it. i already have
Shooting star
Cordellia (means Jewel of the Sea)
Blinni (means white)

Example: Mythology orgins of the following words?

geology, insomnia, jovial, lethargy, mercurial, morphine, narcissism, opulent, protean, rhadamanthine, saturnine, sibylline, terminal, titanic, volcano, zephyr, i am horibble at finding them, if u can help even if its only a few...thanx

Example: Gothic-Inspired Names; Which would you prefer?

Responses from other questions like this one have been great! I enjoy seeing what people think of names. This time, I've compiled a list of interesting and downright strange names that I've just called Gothic Style. Please, simply choose a name from each PAIR of names which you like better. I realize on some of these you might not like either, but please choose the one you can stand better! This is just for FUN-there are many names on here that I would NEVER give a child! Thank you for participating :-)

Amaranth ~or~ Zenith
Aura ~or~ Pandora
Belladonna ~or~ Imperia
Bliss ~or~ Chalice
Calamity ~or~ Eternity
Dream~or~ Echo
Essence ~or~ Silence
Fate ~or~ Innocent
Forever ~or~ Glimmer
Haven ~or~ Raven
Ivy ~or~ Journey
Kindle ~or~ Rapture
Layre ~or~ Noire
Legacy ~or~ Memory
Mystery ~or~ Tranquility
Prysm ~or~ Ransom
Remember ~or~ Whisper
Snow ~or~ Willow
Tempest ~or~ Zephyr

Acheron ~or~Drachen
Alabaster ~or~ Cinder
Blade ~or~ Shayde
Battle ~or~ Sable
Crimson ~or~ Draven
Frost ~or~ Maleficent
Gossamer ~or~ Stryker
Kindred ~or~ Legend
Leviathan ~or~ Obsidian
Onyx ~or~ Thunder
Rogue ~or~ Thorne
Salem ~or~ Talon
Thorne ~or~ Zen

BQ: Would you use any of these? Which ones?

Example: Odd, unique and interesting baby names?

Like baby names that mean unusual , cunning, dangerous, fantasy-like ...like Mystic or Amethyst

Example: What would be a Good show name for a Horse?

i have a 26 yr old quarter horse/arabian gelding named blaze.
he's 14.2 hh and amazing. i still barrel race with him.. he loves to run and always is ready to go for a new adventure..he's a trudge through anything kinda horse.. very sound and steady. im in 4H and need a show name for him.. i want to keep his name in there if possible..but even if its really unique i'll take it.. any ideas? here are some of mine:

:Fire n' Ice
:Blazin around
:Command and Conquer
:Fully Ablaze
:Blazin Glory
:Little Horse, Big Dream?!?!
:Above and Beyond

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