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Dream About Yesterday meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What this dream means!?

i was married with a girl ( may b the one i loved) in my dream yesterday.! Now im in confuse what this dream means!
Please help

I think you already know what this means, the fact you use the term "loved", suggests that you have strong feelings towards marriage and marriage with one particular person.

If you have already met this person, then you are well on your way, if not, then it is coming.

When we remember dreams and vocalize them, they are usually screaming the truth at you.

Example: Dream meaning?

I've been having a couple of weird dreams this week. The first one was that I was in hiding because the a coup d'etat happened and they (the government) were looking for me because they wanted to execute me (pretty weird huh?) and yesterday I dreamt something that made me feel really good when I woke up. It was about me meeting this girl on a Depeche Mode gig and we totally connected and as time passed we would be together and she would say that she loved me. I kinda remember the face and she was really pretty. I've had this kind of dream a couple of times but in different circumstances.

Does it mean anything?

Example: Do anyone of u knows how 2 tell wat a dream means, i mean i had a dream yesterday n i want to ask wat it means

I m missing my bro very badly. I cry at nights. He lives in another city. Yesterday i had a dream. In my dream i see that i enter my bedroom with a friend, n c that my bro (who lives in another city) is here, working on the computer. I jump up n down with joy, n go n greet him. And that's where my dream ends. I want to ask wat does this dream means. Pls only answer if u really know wats it means, not for fun!

Example: Yesterday i had a dream of buffaloes chasing me in a shed, any one pl tell the meaning of this dream?

Dear annonymous,
what do you mean by
"you are go off your life path" can you tell more ?
Dear Stargazer,
i tried my best to escape, but they were attacking, next time i will remember your advice, can you be with me to help me escape pleaseee?

Dear Rao,
I think this is serious, Yama approaching? you are also telling me not to worry...!

Example: What does this mean, yesterday I dreamt that a guy was doing cartwheels over a fence and exposing himself?

Example: I had a dream yesterday that I was standing at the gate's of heaven. what does this mean?

I dreamed that I was standing at the gates of heaven and they were opening and I was about to walk in and I told god that I wasn't ready to go yet. After i said that, they slowly closed and I woke up. I was wondering if this meant that I was about to die in my sleep or if it meant nothing. I do believe in god very strongly and there is nothing I would like more than to go to heaven after I pass. I just want to know if this dream has anything to do with something about to happen to me or if this is a good luck charm or what. Or if this ruined my chances of getting into heaven. any responses are appreciated

Example: I had a dream yesterday could someone help me to know the meaning?

I had a dream in which i have a big brother (which is wired becz im an only child but wanted all my life to have a big brother and becz i have atypical depression so no adult had taken a loving intrest in me before) and in the dream i was lying in bed wounded with my brother by my bed side putting water soked handkerchiefs to my forehead and i felt safe for the first time in a long time then my father comes in and in the dream he appears to be super strict but he strocked my head with kindness in his eyes and after he left my big brother hugged me but it was painful to move...

Example: I had a dream yesterday what does it mean?

ok well ill state the main things ok well i was in this building i think it was in school i was hanging out with my friends and this guy ''oscar'' were not friends anymore but he was there and then i saw my old friends they go to a different school so i guess they were ditching and i said hi to them,one of my friends didnt even notice me so i was calling out her name becky becky and then she turned well in my dream they got in trouble by my principle for ditching then i went outside and there was a lion on the window like a live lion roaring at me then another scenery i was on the football field sitting and my friend came up to me and said that my ex was going to ask me something and i was like what ? note:''oscar'' was there too. then came another scenery it was like a restaurant ''oscar'' was there too and my bestfriend was with me then a trailer hit someone i knew i ran outside to see if he was okay and hes leg was injured i think he was bleeding then i woke up also in the dream

Example: Is there any meaning for dreams (Yesterday i had a very bad dream)?

Yesterday i had a bad dream(first time ever) that somebody is chopping my head and its falling on the ground but i have movement in both my head and the body after it has been cut...i heard long back that, their is meaning for every dreams and also heard that dream is a outcome of what we think or see before going to bed..i am so confused...please dont give confused answer coz am already distrubed...thanks in advance

Example: I had two separate dreams yesterday..what could they mean?

i had a best friend who ive lost contact with - intentionally. we just drifted. she has an aunty who is like almost 30 and still not married shes just some party animal anyway i was looking at the Aunty's facebook the night before (lets call her Ace) i had the dream and i was just thinking god i hope i dont end up like her 30 and still partying. so anyway that night, in my dream were at some kind of party, and wre outdoors its night time and its crowded then we hear that someone has been killed...and so everyones panicking about the murder..then i find out from my ex best friend that it was in fact Ace who got murdered by some guy she was seeing and had walked off with from the party. and i was devastated and in so much shock and my ex best friend was like You killed my aunty but not directed to me but those were the words i was seeing almost as though we were online and she had updated her status to that or something. i know the fact that i was looking at Ace's facebook before sleeping has alot to do with it but why the murder and death and tragedy!? maybe it means nothing... but anyway that was one dream.

next dream after that, i am with my boyfriend and we are at the shops and hes buying fruit. watermelon in fact. and were getting into a small white car and its manual and i cant drive manual in reality, but in the dream he tells me to drive instead because he cant be bothered and so im there trying to drive it and i can see myself changing the gears but as im going to 5th gear i realise i need to slow down and then i dont know if its possible to go from 5th straight to 1st gear or if i haev to down in order and im asking him but hes not really helping me.

there was so much more to this dream but i have forgotten now but yeah those parts of the dreams were just extremely random and weird and maybe they mean nothing but i dont know thought id ask anyway.

btw i have been feeling unhappy in my relationship lately so maybe that also induced such a dream with my boyfriend...adn i know he LOVES fruit lol wen were together we usually go buy fruit so yeah maybe there really is no meaning behind it? who knows =/

any ideas? lol

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