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Dream About Yellow Bird meanings

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Example: What do dreams of 2 tiny white n yellow birds following me/ hiding in my hair, almost taking care of me mean?

Last night I had a dream I was taking care of 2 of my patients (I'm a homehealth care provider) while two tiny (palm sized) white and yellow birds that seem to hide in my hair flew out almost to tease me. They were very affectionate and seemed to never want to leave my side. They would land on my fingers my head, shoulders etc.. They almost seemed to be taking care of me. I had 2 different versions of this dream in one night and can't stop thinking about it. I'm sure there was some sybolism in them, just not sure as to exactly what. I'm hoping someone on here might have ideas to the meaning behind these dreams?

Flying birds:
A desire for freedom and independence. They may represent you wanting to escape a situation.
A positive colour, that is asociated with fertility and life
Is associated with birth, purity and joy. White is shown as the colour of a new beginning or may represent lack of colour or activity in your life.
My opinion:
I think that your dream may have something to do with a baby that is leaving your life uneventful. Or perhaps a baby will be brought into your life.

Example: What does it mean to dream of hybrid animals (snake birds/lizard birds)?

I have dreams once in awhile that concern these animals that i've never seen. In particular, ive dreamnt of this creature that has the upperbody of a snake/lizard, but has the lower body of a bird. Usually the lower body is this a bright color like yellow or red. Sometimes they are small, and sometimes they are huge. I had a dream that two of these creatures were walking around a house that was suppose to be mine in the dream. And when i found them, i returned them to their bird cage in my basement. These creatures are never aggressive in my dreams, but rather docile. Any clue to what that symbolize? please, no dream moods.

Example: What's the meaning of this reoccurring dream about creepy hybrid animals?

So I had these two dreams, the second one about a week after the first one. I felt really freaked out and disturbed after both of them, so I'm wondering if there's a meaning to it.

First Dream:

I'm driving my car along a quiet, deserted neighborhood road with houses on both sides (during the late morning), and I see a large leaf tumbling on the sidewalk in the wind. The bright green color really attracted my attention for some reason, and I saw the leaf sort of jump and stick onto a telephone pole. Then I realized it wasn't a leaf at all, but some kind of creature about the size of a cat with leaf-like fur on it; it had been jumping, not tumbling.

It stared straight at me, and it had four bright yellow eyes, each with perfectly round pupils! Two eyes in the place where you'd expect eyes to be, and two slightly smaller ones directly above it. The way it looked at me just freaked me out, and I sped up and drove back home. Then for some reason I reached under my bed and pulled out a large, ripped, clear plastic bag with a label on it that had a picture of a plant next to a picture of an animal, and it explained that the hybrid creature was to be released soon as a domestic pet in only tropical climates (since the plant was a tropical plant).

There was a period here where I don't remember much, but then it picked up and I was in the car again, driving along a similarly deserted neighborhood street as before. I looked out the window, and saw an eagle-sized bright green and purple bird-like creature with feathers that looked like leaves gliding about 4 feet above the road in front of me. It sort of turned around and kept pace with my car, staring at me through the side window. It too had four bright yellow eyes just like the one I'd seen before, but it had a long, serrated beak and looked more menacing.

I woke up right after that, my heart pounding, and pondered the dream for the rest of the day. That's the reason I remember it so well.

Second Dream:

I was in a tropical rain forest, where it was really muddy and wet, and I was standing close to a hut. My dad and brother were also with me, and we all carried suitcases and umbrellas. Movement on the ground caught my eye, and I saw this weird brown and yellow striped toad which was just a tad smaller than a football, and it had nasty-looking claws on the end of each of its toes. It let out one of those funny toad-noises and then jumped away a little, made another noise, jumped a little further away, and so on. When I first saw it, I noticed that it had four bright yellow eyes exactly the creatures from my first dream, and even while I was in this dream I remembered that.

I went into the hut and unpacked my suitcase, and when I looked outside through the open door, the toad was there, staring at me silently.

Then I woke up, and again, felt rather disturbed.

These dreams felt very real, like I was actually there, and the hybrids also seemed like they could be real! What do you think? Any ideas? Opinions? Theories?

Example: Dreamt i turned into a bird...?

and was flying around a dark...stadium like room. it was really dark bcause the lights were off since it was after closing time. well i didnt actually see myself turn into it but i knew the bird represented me. anyways i was flying around the top floor like where you walk around the whole place but i was flying kinda low to the ground. it was pitch black. but everytime i see a door open it was light out so i flew toward the light but then the door closed. it happend every time.
please tell me what this means and dont say it means nothing...
btw idk what bird i was but i was not a "majestic type" bird like eagle and a was not a very small bird i was medium but deff not black. i think i was either white or yellow or something.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had actually went asleep twice, the first time i hardly remember anything-
But the two most things i remember is i was in a sort of small room outside, And i had a tv in there- And i was worried about spiders, So eventually two Big *** black and yellow ones (come in, and i step on one of them with my foot, But when i tried steping on the other one i was sure becuase it got away, And i shook my leg and it woke me up.

The other important thing i remember is that a flock of 3-4-5 white birds where comming down in a circular formation on the left side of me, What happened next is that one of the white birds came up to me and started to play like a puppy would, I would curl my self up into a ball and make little puppy sounds to make the bird curious- And so when i looked at it, it looked confused and curious.

And thats all i can remember lol, Im really interested in what the white bird means though.

Example: What does my dream mean about dogs mean?

So in my dream I was super strong, and I was lifting some tractor thing, but the tractor didnt lift up, the ground did. Next thing I know there are a bunch of yellow dogs chasing me, I was scared of the color yellow and dogs in my dreams idk why, so I ran into this yellow building and got onto a balcony one of the dogs jumped towards me and i woke up.

Example: What did my dream mean?

I had a dream last night in which I was at my mom's old house, next to the Lake Erie. I was sitting alone on the porch when I saw a bird in the road in front of me. The bird was massive, maybe six feet tall. It spread its wings and their span was at least ten feet. What really struck me at first was the beauty of the bird. Its upper parts were vibrantly red, and its belly was bright yellow. It had light purple feathers covering its legs. Its beak was reddish orange and hooked, and it had a large, round crest on its head, the same color as its beak. Its eyes were black and beady.

It started to walk toward the porch, looking straight at me, and I was mildly afraid. It stopped approaching and began to walk around randomly. I went inside to get my mom and stepfather, a photographer. I was reluctant to do this because I was afraid that the bird would be gone when I came back out.

When we went outside, the dog, a greyhound named Link, ran at the bird. The bird ran over the railroad tracks between the road and the lake, far too quickly for Link to keep up. I turned around and my whole extended family was sitting on the porch. They could all still see the bird, which had grown in size. It was wading in the lake, maybe twenty feet out, and the water only came to its knees.

My uncle pointed out its nest in a tree on the other side of the tracks. There was an egg in the nest, roughly the size of an oval-shaped beach ball. It had spots on it. I watched the bird in amazement for a short while before my alarm clock woke me up.

Example: What does it mean to dream of birds?

There were two birds- one blue and one yellow. The yellow one was in a cage, didn't seem to like it there. The blue one was new (ie. new pet) and was also in a cage but we let it fly around. I felt bad to keep it locked up. What does this mean? Thanks!

Example: Dream of birds?what does this mean?

I had a dream of small birds flyin at my head from the right and a big ... Eagle i guess( it had a white head yellow beak and brown body) fly in from the left and fight them off or like scare them away. What could this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a red-wing black bird.?

the red-wing black bird was sitting still but when i approached it got all fluffy...?what does it mean

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