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Dream About Yearning For One'S Homeland meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Why did the Arab nations want to destroy Isreal immediately after its formation?

When the state of Israel was founded in 1948, the surrounding Arab nations immediately sought out to destroy it, sending their best trained soldiers in their respective armies. Why was this? Why would any group of surrounding nations want to destroy a fledgling state like 1948 Israel?

The Jews were exiled perpetual 'strangers living in a strange land,' for nearly 2,000 years. They were pursued from pillar to post throughout that time and yet they never stopped dreaming and yearning for their 'Return To Zion.' That was something which was universally believed by The Jews, no matter where they were and no matter in what country.

During the late 19th Century, for some reason (no-one really can explain why...) Jews from all over Europe suddenly decided, 'This is The Time. We need to get back to our Biblical Homeland.' That was the birth of the modern Zionist Movement, the 'Return to the Holy Land Movement.'

There was no logic in it. There was no real understanding of what 'Our Homeland' really meant. They had no idea that Palestine was a desolate backwater of the failing Turkish Empire and that the conditions there were awful, not to mention a local and hostile small population who did not take kindly to strangers coming in and saying, 'This is OUR ancient homeland..!'

Yet they came - from Poland, from Russia, from Europe, they came and they learned to be farmers again. They formed strange Communes called Kibbutzim and Moshavim, collective settlements run out of Egalitarian Principles. By 1914 there was a burgeoning settlement programme and Jews were coming in by their thousands. Soon there were three Kibbutz Federations and a healthy Moshav Collective Farm Movement. Towns were setting up. They were building roads and draining swamps. They were becoming a population and a force to be reckoned with.

The local Arab States took note of all this. A Jewish Stare was clearly recognised as a serious threat to the Middle East. It needed to be sorted out. It needed to be eliminated. It was run on Democratic Lines, for God's sake..! We can't allow THAT..!

The day after the Jews declared Israel a State, five Muslim states declared war in Israel. Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia and Iraq. However, the Jews had been training themselves. From 1919 onwards, they did weapon training, military strategy and commando techniques. They were more or less prepared.

They fought off the attacking forces and emerged as a Military and Political Force in The Middle East. They won the 1948 War of Independence. After 2,000 years of the Diaspora, The Jews came home.

The Muslim States never conceded, never gave up and today it is called The Arab/Israel Conflict. They (The Muslims) were beaten back in 1956, (Sinai) 1967 (The Six Day War) in 1973 (The Yom Kipur War) and then a series of further conflicts which included Intifadas, Terrorist cross-border attacks, rockets attacks from Gaza and Lebanon and threats from Iran.

Eventually there will be Peace. I've been living here in The Galilee since 1957 and I don't see peace around the corner just yet. It's O.K. We'll survive. How can we not..? What else is there for us..? Go back and rely on foreign countries to save us from another Holocaust..? You've got to be kidding..! If the 2nd.W.W. was anything to go by, we have no-one to rely upon except ourselves. No-one else gives a damn if the Jews live or die and in many cases, preferably die...so sorry about that, we'll take our chances with our own State and our own place to hang our hats. Nothing else is safe - nothing.

I fought in the 6 Day War. The Yom Kipur War too. Saw action in Lebanon and I can safely say, I was a well trained soldier. Me and my kind have always been ready to put ourselves on the line, to fight, to hold on and to preserve the tiny corner we all call 'Homeland.' And I don't feel a need to apologise to anybody for feeling that way. I'm a Jew and I'm proud of it. Come mess with me and I won't offer to 'get it for you wholesale...!' It'll be something else entirely. Good luck..!

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